Top 7 Best Rover Alternatives For Your Pet in 2023

7 Exemplary Alternatives to Dog Rover. Do you wish to focus solely on your work and disregard what your companion is doing at home while you’re away? Or perhaps you must attend a work-related meeting and your companion must spend several days alone in a locked home?

Top 7 Best Rover Alternatives For Your Pet in 2023

1. Wag!

Wag!, like Rover, enables you to connect with pet sitters who are available on a particular day/date. The website provides comparable services to range Rover velar; training and sitting are the primary services that follow.

Additionally, the brand is well-known for its dog walking application. The brand does not permit just anyone to be listed as a carer on their website. Before being accepted as an official sitter for the Wag! Brand, all sitters must undergo a comprehensive criminal background check. After being selected as observers, all sitters undergo training periods to become knowledgeable in the field.

Services:  They offer services like dog walking, drop-in, overnight sitting and wellness for your dog.


  • You can choose a carer based on the number of stars earned from previous customers.
  • Prior to being listed on the website, every carer is required to pass a thorough background check.
  • The website services are covered by insurance, and the customer service team is available around-the-clock.
  • You can monitor your dog using GPS while he or she is on a walk with the sitter.

2. is a company-operated website that connects fellow parents of children and animals with their carers. Their website is user-friendly and allows users to communicate with professionals in the field of care.

The services are provided in a professional manner. The company guarantees that your pet will be in good care. Every three minutes, the company connects an individual with a carer. They provide a solid array of services.

The company will provide you with a list of potential candidates from which you can choose the individual you wish to entrust. They require you to complete a procedure to determine the type of assistance you require, but it will be worthwhile. It is among the finest land Rover defender substitutes.

Services: Child care, Senior care, Tutoring, Housekeeping, Daycare and Pet care.


  • The brand is trustworthy. Numerous prominent publications, including CNBC, USA Today, Real Simple,, Fortune, and Bloomberg, have featured it.
  • Obtaining a position as a carer does not necessitate any specific qualifications, though you must be able to demonstrate your knowledge of the position you are applying for.
  • The website’s user interface is intuitive.
  • You have the option to choose the individual to whom you delegate the task.

3. Fetch! Pet Care

How about it? Pet maintenance is a well-known brand that operates a website devoted to dog maintenance. Unlike Rover and other sites like Rover, the website does not allow you to select the caretaker of your choice. It will instead match you with the ideal babysitter in your area, based on your needs and preferences.

If you are hesitant to use their services, they offer a complimentary consultation where the client and the carer can meet. Additionally, the website features client testimonials. You can expect to receive updates on the health of your creatures via email, text message, or phone call.

Services: the brand offers a good list of services, such as — puppy sitting, dog walking, pet sitting, pet taxi, overnight care and pet medical administration.


  • After visiting their website, you can decide which service you desire to use. Then, by entering your postal code, you will see the options available in your region. It is that simple.
  • Each pet caretaker and dog walker is subjected to a background check. Only those who passed the test can join the company.

4. HouseCarers

HouseCarers assists you in finding the ideal house caretaker in your area. In contrast to other websites, the caretaker from this company will also maintain the cleanliness of your home. One of the primary reasons to allow house sitters to work in your home is to maintain a vibrant appearance while you are away. This will effectively deter intruders.

HouseCarers’ labour does not conclude here. You will be able to maintain the security of your property while you are away and the sitter is present. The inclusion of housing on the list is complimentary.

You will be able to peruse the profiles of all available house sitters before selecting the ideal candidate. You have the option to approve or reject the sitter who has been matched with you. It is among the finest Rover substitutes.

Services: Home Security, house sitting apps, House sitters by state, the house sits without pets, cat sitters and dog sitters are the services provided by the


  • The matching results are confidential and secured.
  • As a sitter, you can subscribe to receive the client’s corresponding notification.
  • They provide a secure messaging system to connect you with your prefered house caretaker.

5. National Association Of Professional Pet Sitters

National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, or NAPPS, is a company that operates the website, where you can seek for local pet sitters. It is the only nationwide nonprofit organisation.

You can investigate the individual in a couple of methods range rover sport to determine if he or she is trustworthy or not, despite the fact that you cannot view reviews from previous customers. It is among the finest Rover substitutes.

The company provides customer service 365 days a year, whenever it is necessary. They have enumerated all professional babysitters. Rarely will you discover a carer with less experience.

Services: they mainly offer sitting services for pets.


  • You can locate a sitter in your area by including your zip code.
  • They offer a membership that confers additional advantages upon enrolment.
  • You can peruse the list of professional sitters in your location to determine their specialisations.

6. Pet Sitters International (PSI)

PSI, also known as Pet Sitters International, functions similarly to NAPPS and helps you locate pet sitters from their organisation. After entering your zip code, you will see a catalogue of professional pet sitters along with their contact information. It is among the most convenient and effective Rover alternatives.

If you wish to schedule them, you will be redirected to the company’s website, or you can send them an email mentioning the cause. You will receive a detailed response to your query regarding the babysitter’s experience, first aid training, etc.

Services: Pet sitting is the major service by Pet Sitters International.


  • The details will include the individual’s name, address, age, and other pertinent information to provide a sense of who they are.
  • As a precaution, the vast majority of caretakers are bonded and insured.

7. DogVacay

DogVacay is America’s largest platform for dog walkers and pet caretakers with 5-star ratings. It offers pet sitters for overnight pet sitting and caregiving if you are travelling to a distant location or are required to perform an all-nighter. It is without a doubt the finest alternative to Rover.

You may also select an option in which the pet sitter comes to your residence to care for your pet. The nightly cost ranges from $75 to $125. The website is easy to use. As a result of its association with Rover, the brand is stronger than before.

Services: the brand’s services list involves — Dog boarding, pet sitting, dog daycare and dog walking.


  • You can alter your filters prior to browsing a list of local pet sitters.
  • Once you’ve chosen a pet caretaker, you can proceed with payment. There are no offline payment options available.
  • All of the pet sitters are animal enthusiasts who know how to care for your dogs as if they were their own.


What are some Rover alternatives?

DogVacay and PetCo are two of the finest and most popular alternatives to Rover.

Rover or Wags, which is superior?

Wags requests 40% commission fees while Rover only requests 20%. Therefore, Rover is more advantageous in terms of making money.

Last Words:

In addition to offering other services, the businesses listed above are well-known for pet sitting. When the pet sitter is caring for your pet, you can completely focus on your work and unwind.

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