A New Update to Google Chrome Saves Memory and Battery Life

Google Chrome has added two new ways to save memory and battery life. With the release of Chrome 108, the new update will be available for Windows, macOS, and ChromeOS PC and mobile users.

Chrome is known for how well it works and how fast it makes surfing for its users. With the new fix, you can improve your computer’s speed and make the battery last longer.

A New Update to Google Chrome Saves Memory and Battery Life

How to get to these services

To get these benefits, you’ll need to use the most recent version of Chrome. It can be done in the settings of the a PC.

1. Open the Chrome browser.

2. Click the three dots in the top right corner of the window.

3. Find the Help choice and click on it to make it bigger.

4. Choose the choice About Google Chrome.

5. The browser will check on its own for the current version. Tap the Restart button after loading the latest software.

6. Open the browser again and go to the settings page you were on before. You can now choose between these two options.

Save Energy Mode

When the energy level drops to 20% on a laptop running Chrome, the Energy Saver feature will turn on immediately. It will make the battery last longer and give you more time to surf the web. It reduces the number of things that can be going on in the background.

If you want to turn on Energy Saver on your own, look for the green icon in the top right part of your screen. If you tap it, the feature will be turned on.

Save Memory Mode

Chrome’s Memory Saver mode is another thing it can do. Chrome usually uses a lot of memory when it has a lot of tabs open.

The memory of the tabs you aren’t using right now will be cleared, so you can work without problems on the current tab. You can always reload the tabs that aren’t being used.

According to the story, Chrome will use up to 40 percent of RAM, which is about 10 GB, to run better. The user will be able to use a browser with less RAM if it has a memory-saving tool.

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