Best Craigslist Auto Poster Software 2023

A time-consuming and laborious operation, posting ads on Craigslist. By automatically posting your ads for you so that you don’t have to, Craigslist Auto Poster will save you a lot of time. This makes using Craigslist Auto Poster or advertisements much easier and less frightening.

It might be challenging and confusing to find a reliable Craigslist Auto Poster tool, especially if you don’t know what features to look for. To help you narrow down your search, I’ve put together a list of the top Craigslist Auto Poster resources and reviewed each one’s benefits and drawbacks.

Best Craigslist Auto Poster Software 2023

CL Tool for Automatic Posting (Best on a Budget)

The CL Tool is an affordable Craigslist Auto Poster program that can make posting ads on Craigslist through automatic posts straightforward. It costs just $9.99 a month. Additional functionality has a $5.99 monthly cost. Automatic captcha bypass, ad scheduling, and quick campaign management are some of the features offered by the platform.


This Craigslist Auto Poster app is great for people on a restricted budget because of its affordable price.

CL Advertising Blaster (Best Allrounder)

For the majority of Craigslist users who wish to post ads fast and easily, the CL Ad Blaster is a solid option.
It has a lot of helpful features, such as the ability to post numerous ads up to 75 miles from your current position. Its Simple package plan, which costs $99.99, is one of the more affordable choices on the list.

Most excellent all-around player:

Out of all the Craigslist Auto Poster resources I’ve tested, this is my general advice.

Hot Ad Poster: (Editor’s Pick)

Planning and posting advertisements are made easier by the Hot Ad Poster. Up to 100 ads may be posted and renewed each day. The app’s Starter (monthly) plan, which costs $99.99, is a terrific place to start. I like that the Premium edition has a professional account manager to help you even if it costs a lot ($299.99 per month).

Editor’s Pick:

My personal favorite for quickly and effectively posting advertisements on Craigslist is the auto-poster approach. Although it costs a little more than the others, it offers a lot more features.

What Do You Look for in a Craigslist Auto Poster Tool?

Consider the following factors when choosing the finest Craigslist Auto Poster app for you.


Sadly, many Craigslist Auto Poster services have a cost. While some free tools are accessible, the great majority are inefficient and lack a full range of features. This is not ideal because a Craigslist automatic poster’s main objective is to make posting advertisements much easier.

There is typically a free trial time included with “free” auto posters so that you can test the app.
The majority of the time, though, you must pay to use the app after the trial period has been over.

The cost of using a Craigslist Auto Poster varies. Some are moderately priced, costing approximately $10 per month, while others can run into the hundreds. How much you are willing to pay for software depends on several factors, including your budget, the features you need, and the value you place on your time.


You need the Craigslist Auto Poster software to function properly, thus its features are essential. Auto-scheduling, captcha bypass, ad monitoring, and the ability to republish expired ads are features included in the majority of these platforms.

These are the key features you should seek in a program like this since they will make it run much more efficiently. Check to see if the software gives affordable additional licenses if you require the program to run on many devices.

Customer Service

For any business, even those who run Craigslist posting programs, having a great customer service department is a crucial advantage. You want a stress-free and encouraging experience if you need to get in touch with anyone with questions or grievances regarding the auto poster.

In the long run, choosing posting software with dependable and trustworthy customer care is a smart move because it will make life easier. You should research the customer care alternatives of the Craigslist post tool because some may only provide email or phone help.

Best Craigslist Auto Poster Software 2023

A Craigslist ad poster that only offers phone service is unacceptable if you prefer email communication. Additionally, some auto advertisers restrict their customer assistance to customers who have purchased more expensive plans.

1. CL Tool for Automatic Posting (Best Value)

The CL Posting tool is a solid and safe program for rapidly and conveniently posting ads on Craigslist. Included features include backstage access, proxy IP rotator, auto posting scheduler, and more. However, some of these features are veiled by add-ons and demand payment to access them.

You may manage all of your advertisements within the app, including editing, deleting, and posting. The tool’s user interface is simple. Its outdated appearance is its only drawback.

You can download a free 7-day trial version of the CL Posting tool to test it out before purchasing it. As opposed to the full version, which has many more features, the preview only lets you post 25 advertisements. You must buy the complete edition of this auto-Craigslist posting app to access all of its features.


  • It has numerous features.
  • It has an easy design.
  • It’s affordable
  • It offers a free demo.
  • It appears to be a little dated.
  • Add-ons are additional and may increase the final cost.

2. CL Advertising Blaster (Top Pick)

Another great tool for dealing with Craigslist Auto Poster is the CL Ad Blaster. It includes several features, including the ability to automatically renew your expired ads every 48 hours.

You don’t need to log into your account to use this feature. There’s a tiny catch with the CL Ad Blaster.
Only 150 advertisements may be posted per day. The majority of advertisers ought to be worried about this. Additionally, posting more than 150 ads in a single day is seen as spam, and as a result, your account can be suspended and your ads might be removed.

The monthly cost of the Standard package is $99.99. It includes the program, website access, and a single posting area. There is no customer or LogMeIn service included in this package. The Platinum package is the most expensive, costing $299.99 each month. Along with email and phone customer assistance, all of the features from the preceding tier are included. Three posting places are available to you, in addition to LogMeIn access.

Although the packages offered by this Craigslist advertiser are pricey, the basic plan isn’t too awful, especially when compared to the other tools I’ve looked at. You may check out the features of the app for three days without paying anything to see whether it includes a good fit for you.


  • easy-to-use GUI
  • Ability to list your ad in many places within a 75-mile radius of your location Cons
  • It’s somewhat pricey.
  • Basic software doesn’t offer client access.

3. Hot Ad Poster: Editor’s Pick

This app offers a practical alternative to the tiresome and time-consuming procedure of posting classified ads. Your promotions, accounts, and timetable are already configured, which saves you time and work. Every 12 minutes, an advertisement is published and renewed to make sure your message is never missed. It can post up to 100 ads every day. If this looks to be a problem, bear in mind that spamming is the practice of posting an excessive amount of advertisements daily.

Only one of the Starter packages may be utilized in conjunction with this add-on, which costs $299.99 per month. Your classified ads will be immediately posted by a dedicated account manager to various classified websites including OfferUp, LetGo, and Facebook Marketplace.

You can get a 3-day demo of the Hot Ad Poster from the product’s website if you wish to give it a try. Please contact us by phone or email if you have any questions about the app.


  • Easy-to-use setup
  • For added convenience, the premium bundle includes a dedicated account manager.
  • There is a free trial available.
  • It is really expensive.


The CL Ad Blaster is the best Craigslist Auto Poster tool overall, in my view. So that you don’t have to, it takes care of the administrative part of posting ads. It has a tonne of features, such as the ability to post a single advertisement in several locations within a 75-mile radius of your current site.

This ensures that the greatest number of individuals may view the advertisement. Its user-friendly interface makes it simple to operate. The most economical of the various pricing options for the app is $99.99 per month. You can test it out for three days without purchasing anything so you can decide whether to buy it.

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