Top 9 Best BiddingOwl Alternatives In 2023

BiddingOwl Alternatives is an auction administration system that permits online, live, and silent auctions. In addition, they offer dedicated fundraising assistance and entirely integrated credit card processing. You can create an auction at no cost and pay the 5% performance fee when the auction concludes.

Top 9 Best BiddingOwl Alternatives In 2023

This article discusses the Top 9 BiddingOwl Alternatives in 2023. Listed below are the specifics.


This is additional software for charity auctions biddingowl com. provides fundraising software to non-profit and business clients. Plans range from $1,000 to $3,000 per year, depending on your company’s fundraising objectives. Typical auctions include gala auctions, online auctions, and hybrid auctions with unlimited competitors.

2. Auctria

Auctria is a nonprofit auction software startup committed to providing low-cost options to help nonprofits of all sizes conduct successful fundraising auctions. Their software biddingowl auction was designed to facilitate real-time fundraising efforts. They required a cost-effective solution that offered their clients a reliable and effective fundraising instrument. As a result, Auctria provides a range of pricing options to accommodate your fundraising objectives.

3. ClickBid

ClickBid can assist nonprofits and institutions in raising funds through hybrid events. Using their live auction and video services, you can organise a variety of fundraising events on your mobile device. Standard annual event licences cost $795 for up to four events.

4. SilentAuctionPro

SilentAuctionPro was designed as a web-based multi-user team environment. In addition to receipts and bid papers, they also offer other products. This platform’s biddingowl login pricing options include virtual, hybrid, and in-person options. Additionally see USB Data Recovery Software

5. ReadySetAuction

This is additional software for charity auctions. ReadySetAuction makes it straightforward to track donations. Using the user-friendly packaging tool, you can place multiple donated items in a single container. ReadySetAuction will keep track of donated items so you and your team can focus on finding offers.

 6. 32auctions

32auctions’ private auction function is an excellent feature. In other words, you can restrict who can view your auctions. You can invite a trusted network of bidders to a private auction, eliminating the hassle of fraudulent bidders. Similar to many other auction platforms, 32auctions offers a tiered pricing guide to suit your specific needs.

7. GiveSmart

When planning commences for an auction, GiveSmart will assign a professional event planner to each client. They will offer advice on everything from item selection and pricing to event schedule creation. GiveSmart will secure, collect, and safeguard all donations received at your event, and funds will be released in as little as ten days!

8. OneCause

OneCause is a virtual fundraising pioneer with over eight years of industry experience and over 250 fundraising specialists on staff. You will always have access to support for their platform, including phone and email support, an online knowledge base, and web-based guided excursions. OneCause provides a variety of dynamic fundraising strategies to assist any organisation in reaching its fundraising goals. Check out OCR Software

9. BiddingForGood

BiddingForGood is a philanthropic eCommerce startup that offers a cloud-based auction platform for individuals to organise charity fundraising activities. (Check out what they’ve accomplished with Charitable CommerceTM!) They provide a cost estimate upon request and offer various service levels to meet the fundraising needs of their clients. This is additional software for charity auctions.

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