Top 11 Best Brainly Apps for Android and iOS In 2023

Best Alternatives to Brainly Learning or doing homework can be challenging at times. So, don’t worry if you’re looking for the best learning apps or apps to help you with your homework. The time is right for you. The six best Brainly alternatives that are worthwhile to use are highlighted in this article. Brainly subscription is a fantastic software, but it might not be the right choice for you. To help you with your homework and study, this article has mentioned the 6 best homework-help apps like Brainly.

What is Brainly? 

More than 350 million students and professionals collaborate to find answers to the trickiest homework problems on Brainly, a top knowledge-sharing platform. It instantly improves your academic performance in subjects like math, English, chemistry, Advanced Placement, physics, and many more. The alternatives to Brainly free that are mentioned in this article are both very similar and very distinct. To learn more about these Brainly-like apps, continue reading.

Top 11 Best Brainly Apps for Android and iOS In 2023:

1. Chegg Study

To help you with your homework, there is an app called Chegg Study that is comparable to free Brainly. There are numerous courses and more than 80 topics covered. All you have to do is use the camera to scan your homework and enter it into the system. Chegg Study will demonstrate how to do the task in less than 30 minutes. By accessing the library’s collections, this app also enables you to discover new things. It has more than 60 million questions and in-depth answers.

2. Photomath

Photomath is one of the things you should look at if you’re looking for apps like Brainly unblocked for pupils. This program, as its name suggests, excels at math-related tasks. So, if you need to check your child’s math homework or if you’re a student in need of math help, this app will be of use to you. The most intriguing aspect of Photomath is its capacity to explain mathematical equations in detail.

It appears that this software contains everything you need, most certainly. Math-related topics covered in this software include the fundamentals of algebra, calculus, geometry, statistics, and trigonometry.

With Photomath, you can either type in the question or use your phone’s camera to scan math problems. Although it is frequently updated, this software does not support text-written issues. However, using this program will provide you with a lot of math help.

3. Socratic

Does a program like Brainly math? Yes, there is—after all, Socratic is among the most well-known Brainly alternatives. This particular company typically develops student apps for educational purposes. The app can help students with their homework by utilizing AI technology. There are many resources available, including movies, links, definitions, Q&As, and more.

Simply snap a picture of your homework, and the system will handle the rest. Because Socratic uses OCR technology, this is possible. This app is a great resource for finding information on many topics, especially science and math. You can use Socratic as long as you have a Google account.

4. Answers

Are you looking for free alternatives to paid apps like Brainly? Answers will be at your disposal, then. While there are many similarities between it and Brainly, there are also some advantages. You can use Answers to help with your homework in the following subjects: math, history, chemistry, and biology. This software will therefore help you learn a variety of subjects in addition to being the ideal study companion.

What if you have trouble understanding math? Undoubtedly, the answers will offer detailed, step-by-step explanations. Grab this app right away from the Play Store and App Store; you won’t know what you’ve got until you try it!

5. Quizlet

Quizlet is one of the most well-liked alternatives to Brainly free trial among other comparable websites. This software is available on both the Play Store and the software Store. Quizlet is more of a study partner that helps you learn in the first place rather than just being an app that demonstrates how to accomplish something. You have access to games, online flashcards, and much more. If you have tests tomorrow, you can even make your flashcards.

The fact that this program supports multiple languages is one of the factors contributing to its popularity. Overall, Quizlet will be your best companion for learning, practicing, and mastering topics you are passionate about.

6. Mathway

There are several apps available today that can help with homework. One of the best brand names available is Mathway. Simply put, if you’re looking for a Brainly alternative that helps you with arithmetic problems particularly, you should also look into this program.

The calculator in this program has symbols and other tools to handle the challenges. Other than that, you can use this program to avoid challenging chemical and arithmetic material. You can use Mathway’s calculator in its free edition. To unlock all advanced features, you must upgrade for USD 19.99 per month or USD 79.99 annually. The free version is still worth a try.

7. MSW Pocket Prep

Exam preparation can be challenging and exhausting. However, by using MSW Pocket Prep to study, you can reduce those effects. Pocket Prep offers a wealth of resources for numerous subjects as is one of the other apps like Brainly that help you study.

By doing so, you won’t have to spend your time at home reading multiple novels at once. More than anything, you will gain a lot from studying slowly yet consistently. It makes it much easier for you to process what you’ve learned.

There are both premium and free versions of MSW Pocket Prep. Before choosing the paid plan, you can test the free version. You won’t have as many possibilities with the free app as you will with the expensive ones.

8. Quora

Although Quora isn’t technically a Brainly-like tool, you can question anything and get responses. You can post questions in it, much like a forum. You’ll receive responses later from other users. You will find information here that you won’t find via Google search, it is safe to state. This is the main reason why so many users prefer this app to all others.

The topics on Quora are not just restricted to particular problems. This app is open to use as long as you have a Google account. Get this software for nothing from the Play Store and Software Store!

9.  PowerSchool Mobile

Do you know about PowerSchool Mobile? One of the best substitute apps for Brainly is this one, which concentrates more on establishing connections between parents and children without overwhelming them with tasks.

Assignments, exam dates, and other information will be communicated to students in real time. Other users claim that utilizing this software improves and increases the effectiveness of parent-student communication. Everything will sync to the family calendar as soon as the notice arrives. With PowerSchool Mobile, everything will be simpler and smoother for you.

10. Wyzant

Wyzant might be a little bit different from the majority of websites like Brainly that offer free services. This software has been created exclusively for people who are willing to pay for their education.

In general, this software serves as a connection point for tutors online. Therefore, Wyzant will be the ideal spot to find what you need if you require a real person to tutor you. This app allows parents to manage everything in one location as well. Overall, Wyzant may be a fun place to learn.

11. Edpuzzle

A forum for kids to ask questions and receive responses is all that most apps, like Brainly, provide. However, you might think about Edpuzzle if you want more information about administration, organization, and a platform that links parents and teachers.

Through this software, parents can easily produce and distribute educational films and other content. Although Edpuzzle is merely a virtual classroom, it also allows for parent involvement. So, this app should be your first choice if you’re seeking one to connect with your pupils and their parents. A fantastic app to establish a healthy virtual classroom is Edpuzzle.


Which option did you select? What you are truly seeking for really does matter. All of the Brainly alternatives described in this article will help you with your homework and improve your capacity for learning and remembering. We hope the preceding article on the 6 Best Apps Like Brainly helps you select the best choice based on your needs and interests.

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