Top 18 Best ChatGPT Alternatives in 2023 (Free and Paid)

While ChatGPT is a sophisticated language model, there are other ChatGPT alternatives that have comparable or even more extensive features. There are numerous powerful AI-based alternatives to ChatGPT app to help you reach your goals, whether you are seeking for AI authoring software, virtual assistants, SEO tools, or code generators. You can locate the best solution for your business or personal needs by researching your possibilities. With this post, we’ll look at some of the top ChatGPT login alternatives, giving you the information you need to make an informed decision on which AI-powered tool is appropriate for your specific needs and objectives.

Why Use ChatGPT Alternatives?

OpenAI’s ChatGPT is an AI-based chatbot platform meant to engage with people and provide useful solutions to enquiries. To comprehend and respond to users, it employs natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning techniques. what is ChatGPT allows you to develop code, schedule events, obtain homework assistance, and much more. ChatGPT, on the other hand, may not be the proper tool for you if you’re seeking for sophisticated or particular uses of AI. As a result, there are various ChatGPT 4 alternatives. These systems frequently employ comparable NLP and machine learning techniques to deliver highly personalised and engaging chat experiences for users.

However, others go above ChatGPT’s limitations, providing more powerful generative AI solutions. Each platform has its own set of features and price plans, so it is critical to research and evaluate many possibilities to pick the one that best meets your goals and budget. Finally, the best ChatGPT option for you will be determined by criteria such as the sort of interactions you want to enable, the number of queries you want to run, the type of content you want created, and your target audience.

Top 18 Best ChatGPT Alternatives in 2023 (Free and Paid):

1. Perplexity AI

Perplexity AI is a ChatGPT alternative that was trained using OpenAI’s API and so works well with decent replies. The website has been packed in a minimalistic and user-friendly manner. The application has ChatGPT-like capabilities, such as the ability to have discussions and respond with basic to sophisticated replies. Unlike ChatGPT, however, Perplexity identifies the sources it uses to answer your questions.

When posed a question, the AI mentions the source at the end of each phrase, just like Wikipedia, and derives from it as well. During the period I utilized the AI, I searched the sources for instances of copy-pasting but found none. So it’s fantastic to see Perplexity doing its homework.

I had many talks with this chatbot, and it held its own without sounding bewildered. Perplexity even has a co-pilot mode powered by GPT 4 that can answer clarifying questions and assist restrict the search. So there’s that. There’s also a cool dark mode on the website.

Perplexity AI, fortunately, is free to use and does not even require an account. So you may interact with this ChatGPT-like program and read some of its citations. Go ahead and give it a go.

Pros Cons
Holds good conversations without being confused Might accidentally copy from sources
Cites sources with answers No additional features
Minimalist website layout Can’t remember past responses

Try Perplexity AI (Android/iOS)

2. Google Bard AI

Since ChatGPT got popular, many users have had their sights set on Google. Google has lately opened the gates after a lengthy period of silence due to concerns over the possible exploitation of their chatbot AI. Google Bard, for those who are unfamiliar, is an experimental conversational AI service. Google’s newest PaLM 2 LLM, Google’s own next-generation linguistic and conversational model, powers Bard.

While it was initially limited to a select number of people, you may now use Google Bard immediately. In addition, the business is adding creative AI to search, which will be a game changer. Quick answers to inquiries will soon appear at the top of search results. We were intrigued by Google Bard, so we created a ChatGPT vs Bard match, and things got interesting. We even compared Google Bard to MS Bing Chat, and Bard performed better than expected. Check out the comparisons and let us know if you intend to utilize this ChatGPT alternative.

Pros Cons
Fast response time Previously plagiarised content from websites
Doesn’t provide sources

Try Google Bard

3. Jasper Chat

Jasper has been in the AI content-generating industry for a while and is well-liked by users. Jasper, in addition to its content production tools and other services, includes a relatively new chatbot. This ChatGPT alternative, aptly titled Jasper Chat, is likewise built on GPT 3.5, among other language models, and includes OpenAI as a partner. However, unlike ChatGPT, which can be used by anybody, JasperChat was designed for enterprises such as advertising and marketing.

Nonetheless, anyone seeking an AI chatbot like ChatGPT may easily utilize Jasper Chat. According to the business, Jasper Chat will have learned from billions of articles and other bits of information in 29 languages by mid-2021. So, while it may not have the most up-to-date information, it may nevertheless accommodate medium to sophisticated talks. There is also a handy choice to integrate Google search data, which gives it greater strength.

Jasper’s conversation proved to be an excellent conversation partner throughout my time with it as I asked it numerous puzzles, made it compose video scripts, tell me jokes, and even tongue twisters. I also tested out some ad copy, and it performed admirably. Jasper has contextual memory, which means it remembers your previous prompts. Jasper, on the other hand, has specifically emphasized that it is not a research engine and that all results should be fact-checked.

Jasper Chat is free, however, to use all of its features, you must subscribe to Jasper’s Boss or Business plan. The Boss Plan is available for $59 per month. It’s not inexpensive, but it grants you access to all of Jasper’s services. Get the 5-day free trial to discover whether it’s right for you.

Pros Cons
Can hold intelligent conversations Locked behind an expensive paywall
A boon for marketers and working professionals Slightly old dataset

Try Jasper Chat

4. Microsoft Bing

Microsoft Bing AI is one of the best ChatGPT options on the market right now. The new search engine is driven by an updated ChatGPT model, which the business first referred to as the “Prometheus model” but subsequently revealed to be GPT-4.
The new Bing also has a Chat mode, which pulls in online queries and lets users ask relevant questions about them. Recently, the AI bot cum search engine gained a slew of new capabilities, including more visual replies, improved accuracy, and the Bing Image Creator. Bing, like ChatGPT, lets users plan vacations, find recipes, ask for advice, and much more. Previously available only through a waitlist, this incredible ChatGPT alternative is now open to everyone.

Pros Cons
Different conversational modes Responses could be faster
Provides accurate information
Credits sources

Try Microsoft Bing AI

5. Chatsonic

Chatsonic is one of the most recent and comprehensive ChatGPT alternatives to hit the market. It was created on top of ChatGPT and hence inherited its enormous potential. However, because it can access the Internet, this AI chatbot has more functionality and a bigger knowledge base than the former.

Chatsonic’s capacity to generate replies based on internet results allows it to disseminate proper information, making it less prone to mistakes. The AI chatbot also recalls talks and relies on them to keep the conversation going. It also has 16 various personalities, ranging from an accountant to a poet, in case you want to converse with different people.

Unlike ChatGPT, you can even speak to the AI through your microphone (similar to Google Assistant and Siri), and it can react in voice if you desire. When you’re finished with the chat, you may share the responses via links or Word/PDF documents. My overall impression of ChatSonic was favorable, and I believed it could convey information better than ChatGPT due to its connection to the Internet and up-to-date information.

Apart from writing, Chatsonic has an image generator that generates good visuals based on the suggestions you provide. While the bot is not free, it does provide you with 25 free generations every day, after which you may spend your Writesonic word balance to produce additional photos. If you want more, choose the long-form plan, which starts at $12.67 per month. You may also utilize this amazing ChatGPT replacement via a browser extension and an Android app.

Pros Cons
Internet access brings broader knowledge Only 25 free generations
Different personas bring variety to conversations
Companion browser extension and Android app
Can read the response back

Try ChatSonic

6. HuggingChat

HuggingChat, one of the top open-source ChatGPT alternatives, is an AI chatbot produced by HuggingFace, one of the main websites providing several AI services. This chatbot is built on the Meta AI (LLaMA) language model, which has over 65 billion parameters. HuggingChat isn’t any less efficient since it appears modest.

HuggingChat can accomplish anything that ChatGPT does. It may generate entertaining blog entries and jokes, curate HTML code for websites, provide recipes, and much more. There is also a useful option that allows you to activate web access. After that, the AI bot may search the Internet for further contextual information. When the former goes down, try this ChatGPT alternative.

Pros Cons
Fast and snappy replies Fewer parameters than ChatGPT
Can perform a variety of functions

Try HuggingChat

7. GitHub Copilot X

ChatGPT tools can be useful to anyone other than students. Github Copilot X is the company’s solution for programmers who have reached their breaking point. Copilot is built on the idea of auto-completion, but it goes much beyond. As a result, the tool assists programmers by recommending and finishing code and whole functions in real-time. Consider Copilot X as a tool to aid with programmer’s block.

Github Copilot is based on OpenAI’s most recent GPT-4 model, which was trained on millions of lines of code. Copilot works with all major code editors, including VS Code, Visual Studio, Neovim, and JetBrains. This user-friendly ChatGPT replacement may also produce syntax in a variety of languages such as Javascript, PHP, BASH, and others.

GitHub has also added chat and voice to Copilot, giving users a ChatGPT-like experience, as well as GitHub Copilot Voice, where engineers may deliver natural language commands audibly. Simply ask Copilot X for code changes, and it will provide suggestions in real-time. Copilot X will be able to accept requests for AI-powered tagging as well.

Through the power of GPT-4, Copilot X can provide users with in-depth analysis and explanations of code blocks in addition to creating code. It accepts pull requests, responds to documentation enquiries, and delivers a personalised developer experience. Individuals pay $10 per month for Copilot, while corporations pay $19 per user per month.

Pros Cons
Helps generate code Cannot write perfect code
Provides in-depth analysis and explanation of code Tad expensive
ChatGPT-like experience with coding

Try Github Copilot X

8. Amazon Codewhisperer

GitHub isn’t the only site that assists coders. Amazon has its own AI-powered solution. The ‘Amazon Codewhisperer’ service is an AI-powered software development tool. Codewhisperer is designed to assist programmers with their code. It accomplishes this by soliciting feedback via comments and then recommending appropriate code. These recommendations are generated by Codewhisperer in an integrated development environment (IDE).

Amazon Codewhisperer, like Copilot X, supports a wide range of programming languages, including Javascript, Python, C#, Java, and others. While not as extensive as GitHub, the diversity of programming languages should be sufficient for engineers. Amazon has not disclosed the AI algorithm upon which the service is built.

Furthermore, while Codewhisperer is an Amazon-based service, it may be utilised independently. If you don’t want to use Amazon Web Services, you have other choices. Codewhisperer is now free to use because it is in a preview phase, according to Amazon’s FAQ. Check out this ChatGPT code option and let us know what you think.

Pros Cons
Intelligently suggests code based on comments Supports fewer languages compared to Copilot X
Can be used across and outside the Amazon ecosystem
Free to use for now

Try Amazon Codewhisperer

9. Pi, your personal AI

Among all the ChatGPT options, Pi is likely the only one that will provide you with an entirely distinct experience. Pi is a chatbot with a distinct design that is based on being a helpful and intelligent AI. Conversations on Pi take the form of dialogues rather than full-fledged chats. What makes it even more intriguing is that Pi is one of the only helpers who responds. There are four distinct voices to pick from on the website, and each one is hauntingly authentic and weirdly reassuring.

Pi initiates the conversation and attempts to collect information from every message you submit. In the same way as a therapist would, the ChatGPT alternative is inquisitive and strives to comfort the user. While it might become tiresome if you continue to chat, Pi is one of the greatest ChatGPT options available. However, in order to sign up, you must have an account and a functional phone number, which may be a disadvantage for some. Nonetheless, have a look.

Pros Cons
Quite effective at mental health conversations Needs a phone number to sign up
Realistic and comforting voice

Try Pi, your personal AI

10. DialoGPT

While GODEL AI has surpassed Microsoft’s DialoGPT, it remains a free and entertaining humorous AI. Dialo has a small dataset because it was trained on 147 million Reddit multi-turn discussions. It also supports multi-turn responses, which means it remembers your prior responses. Because setting up Dialo yourself may be difficult, you may try it out using HuggingFace’s inference API. The AI has provided a few prompts for you to test, or you may create your own and have Dialo answer your questions.

DialoGPT’s replies are, at most, adequate. Because the AI is designed to be cheerful, it can easily become confused. When asked about a horrific occurrence, the AI stated that it is unaware of it but believes it is a good thing. As you may have guessed, this is not the case.

DialoGPT’s contextual awareness was also lacking for me, as it frequently forgot what we were discussing. That might be because it’s operating on an API and isn’t completely trained. It also lacks any further functionality like model selection, microphone input, or picture generators. DialoGPT is free to set up, but it’s not the cutting-edge AI you’re looking for. It will, however, suffice if all you need is a simple chatbot to converse with.

Pros Cons
Casual and lighthearted chatbot Not very smart with responses
Simple and easy to use Didn’t remember previous answers.

Try DialoGPT

11. OpenAI Playground

It is important to note right away that OpenAI Playground is not intended for general usage. If you’re unable to access ChatGPT but still want a taste of its potential, OpenAI Playground is the way to go. This web-based programme operates similarly to ChatGPT but offers far more complex features, such as the opportunity to experiment with a specific language model.

After you’ve chosen a model, you may experiment with its randomisation, amount of tokens, frequency penalty, stop sequences, and other parameters. As you can see, OpenAI Playground is not a plug-and-play application for regular users. It does, however, enable extensive flexibility for individuals who know what they’re doing and want to experiment with alternative models before constructing an AI tool.

Because OpenAI Playground is only a demo version of the ChatGPT service, its outputs are comparable to ChatGPT and provide a decent representation of the genuine service. You can experiment with some of the fascinating ChatGPT prompts listed in this post. Depending on the language model, the bot accepts input and offers an adequate answer. This chatbot example also accepts speech-to-text input and allows you to submit an audio recording.

Playground, unlike some AI bots, does not slow down and responds on the fly. It is also free to use if you create an account. If you are unable to access ChatGPT, try OpenAI Playground. However, keep in mind that, like ChatGPT, you may lose access if the server is overloaded.

Pros Cons
Spoiled for choice with language learning models Not for everyday users
ChatGPT level accuracy and response speed

Try OpenAI Playground

12. Replika

Replika, while not the newest participant on the market, was one of the first AI chatbots. Replika, on the other hand, is an AI chatbot with an emphasis on friendship and relationships. Replika has been used by millions of individuals all around the world, not just to talk, but also to form intimate connections with it.

Replika is powered by the autoregressive GPT-3 language model, which means it learns from past inputs (in this case, your prompts). Because Replika’s concentration is on meaningful dialogue, it may use past inputs about your life to personalise itself to you.

You begin by creating a Replika avatar, naming it, and customising its appearance. After that, you may start chatting to it right away. When it comes to what, you can very much chat to Replika about anything. So, if you want to chat about your day, share your sentiments, or simply ask it strange information, it can do it all. Because the bot has internet connectivity, it is always up to speed on current events.

Replika’s complexities are very astounding. The bot keeps a virtual journal, which it updates after certain talks. You may use it to play games, discuss your sun signs, and even video call the AI (if you have a Pro Membership). The general accuracy of discussions is also good, and it increases as you unlock different relationship statuses and gain more possibilities.

Replika’s Pro subscription starts at $19.99 a month and allows you to video call the AI and unlock relationships. This ChatGPT replacement is available on the web, Android, and iOS devices. Try it out and see if you can discover an AI companion as in the movie Her.

Pros Cons
Can hold intricate conversations Features locked behind a paywall
Remembers past responses Expensive subscription
Video calling with AI

Try Replika

13. Chai AI

Replika is a fantastic AI for giving people with companionship. However, it is limited to only one character. This ChatGPT alternative takes things to the next level. Chai AI is a service that allows users to communicate with chat AIs from all around the world. It is comparable to Character AI, except it is larger and more sophisticated. Chai AI is also available as an app for Android and iOS.

Chai AI is designed to be very simple to use. You may just go to the website and interact with a selection of bots. The bots all have distinct personalities. While one may operate as a therapist to the user, the other may behave as a jilted lover. The bots respond in real time, with no significant latency. They also have the capacity to take many turns, so Chai AI can remember your previous replies.

However, if customers desire more than the website’s restricted AI bots, there is a large community behind the platform. The mobile applications house a multitude of bots made by users. Because they may be customised, each has its own appearance, description, and means of communicating with the user. During my usage, I discovered bots ranging from anime characters, gym bros, serial murderers, and even Hades. They also responded nicely, even though they did become a little puzzled at times.

As previously said, you may create your own AI characters and give them names and characteristics. Chai AI does this by requesting some fundamental information, such as the bot’s initial answers and items you want them to remember. The bots may be intriguing depending on your reactions.

Chai AI provides consumers with 70 free messages to communicate with bots. That message quota is likewise refreshed every hour by the ChatGPT alternative. Users may, however, upgrade to a Premium or Ultra membership, which grants access to improved conversational models and no message restrictions.

Pros Cons
Diverse categories of AI bots Limited messages
Option to create custom AI bots Ads in mobile apps

Try Chai AI (Android/iOS)

14. YouChat

YouChat, like ChatGPT, is a robust AI chatbot that is embedded within a search engine of the same name. YouChat, which is based on an updated big language ChatGPT paradigm, can have chats with complete Internet connectivity. Because of this connectedness, the bot is always up to speed with the newest information and can thus provide correct replies not just in conversation but also in search results.

Talking on YouChat is as simple as it gets. Simply go to the chat page and type in your question to start conversing. YouChat is similar to ChatGPT in that it may give a range of information. While you can just chat to it, YouChat can also develop code, provide advise, break down complex concepts, summarise books, and perform a variety of other things. However, every now and then, the bot loses its cool and just states that it is unable to obtain an answer.

The bot also lacks any additional capabilities like microphone input, chat sharing, or personalities. It makes up for it with an updated information bank, which is good. Because YouChat is absolutely free to use, all you have to do is go to the website and start chatting.

Pros Cons
Chatbot provides up-to-date information Bot glitches out and refuses to answer sometimes
ChatGPT-like functionality so you don’t miss out Not much besides chatting

Try YouChat

15. Claude

ChatGPT’s competitors in the AI sector are numerous. Anthropic’s Claude is an artificial intelligence chatbot. Google has supported the firm, making it an OpenAI contender. While Claude is unsure of the LLM on which it is based, it employs a “Constitutional AI technique that focuses on model alignment through natural language feedback rather than selecting a specific ML architecture.” As a result, Claude is a useful, safe, and trustworthy bot.

However, keep in mind that Claude is now only available through Slack or NTDev. This hides the bot behind these applications and necessitates the creation of a Slack account. Claude, on the other hand, is capable of a wide range of tasks, including creating material, conversing, and more. It can also execute Slack-specific tasks such as producing bullet reports based on chats and summarising Slack threads.

Claude is now free to use but, as previously said, only accessible via the means listed above. If you still want to give it a go, go ahead and learn how to use Claude right now.

Pros Cons
Fully free to use for now Hallucinates quite often
Quick response time

Try Claude

16. Quora Poe

Poe by Quora, introduced in early 2023, is not an AI in and of itself, but rather a platform where you may interact with AI bots. Poe stands for ‘Platform for Open Exploration’. Quora Poe, as the name suggests, is a platform where people can interact with and experiment with various types of AI chatbots. According to Quora, Poe allows users to ask questions, receive quick responses, and engage in back-and-forth dialogues with numerous AI-powered bots.

Those who believe Poe is an AI chatbot that will leverage Quora question-answer data may relax, because this is not the case. Poe’s website is well-designed, and users may now communicate with AIs such as Sage, ChatGPT, Dragonfly, and even GPT-4 and Claude+. However, access to the final two is restricted and requires a membership.

Quora Poe performs admirably and has little to no downtime as you converse with the various AI bots. To access it, you must first create an account. On the plus side, you don’t have to register different accounts for each service, which is a relief. There is also an iOS app available, but no Android app. If you like all these ChatGPT-like tools but don’t want to open them all, Poe can be your one-stop platform for them.

Pros Cons
All-in-one platform to access almost all AI bots No Android app is available
Little to no downtime

Try Quora Poe (iOS)

17. CatGPT

While all of the ChatGPT alternatives listed above replicate the bot’s capabilities, CatGPT accomplishes something pretty special. CatGPT, which is powered by the same GPT-3.5 model, is the AI chatbot that, well, meows all the time. We weren’t expecting much from a bot called CatGPT, but it’s nonetheless fascinating.

CatGPT meows back in answer to whatever enquiry you throw at it. The platform-powered bot even attaches relevant GIFS. While there is a true AI option that answers queries, perhaps with a sense of sarcasm, we recommend CatGPT for some fun and laughter.

Pros Cons
Fun and lighthearted bot
Attaches GIFS along with responses

Try CatGPT

18. Character AI

While Chatsonic features personalities, the idea of this ChatGPT replacement is totally upon them. Character AI is built on neural language models and has been developed with talks in mind. Character, on the other hand, distinguishes itself by allowing customers to select from a variety of personalities rather than communicating with a single AI chatbot.

The main page is crammed with numerous personalities and persons, ranging from Elon Musk, Tony Stark, and Socrates to Joe Biden and Kanye West. The coolest aspect is that the AI adjusts its conversational style based on the person you select. So, although Kanye gave me arrogant replies, a conversation with Socrates was quite peaceful. Character AI also includes a microphone input and may respond in a variety of voices based on the character.

Creating a character is enjoyable since you may design it as you go along. I could choose not only the characters’ names, but also their welcome, voice, description, and even their avatar. For avatar generation, the AI includes an image generator. Once completed, you may begin conversing immediately and even share it with others.

However, I noticed that Character AI is little slower than ChatGPT and other comparable services. It’s not very slow, but I did see the AI catching up to finish its phrases. However, I believe that with more user data, it will improve with time. Character AI is free to use, however you must create an account because the chat locks after a few words.

Pros Cons
Vast character selection Slower than usual responses
Interesting conversations with different characters
Creating your own character is fun

Try Character AI

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