Creators on YouTube Can Reply to Comments with Short Videos

In 2006, Google acquired YouTube, which now boasts 247 million global visitors. On YouTube, users may access a huge selection of on-demand media. Additionally, you may post or produce public short movies or clips. Creators may now remark on the Shorts on YouTube using the reply to comments option. Every day, 1.5 billion people watch short videos.

Creators on YouTube Can Reply to Comments with Short Videos

With this new tool, you can communicate with your subscribers by responding to their questions about your shorts. You may respond to comments, accept requests for material, and more.

This new feature enables speedy responses from YouTubers. Making a small video is just as simple as making a complete one. The Reply to Comments function on YouTube Shorts will be more beneficial for producers. This increases the number of followers and total viewers for YouTubers. So, through the Shorts Funds, creators may get funding from YouTube Shorts.

In 2020, TikTok announced the comment stickers tool similar to YouTube, while in December 2021, Instagram debuted the Reels Visual Replies feature.

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