Top 18 Best Depop Websites and Apps Similar to Sell Clothes

Apps like Depop: If you’re looking for a place to buy or sell new or used clothes on the internet, you’ve come to the correct place. To help you sell clothes online, this article lists the 6 best apps like Depop fees.

A wonderful option to supplement your income is to sell clothes on the Internet. You can even purge your closet of worn-out and unneeded clothes. Before continuing, let’s first clarify what Depop is and how it functions.

What is Depop?

One such online marketplace is Depop, where customers can buy, sell, and find unique clothing. DePop is very well-liked by Millennials and members of Generation Z since it provides a means to recycle unwanted products for cash.

Its amusing elements, like Instagram, make it more addictive. As a result, it turns into a place where influencers, creative types, vintage product sellers, designers, collectors, stylists, sneakerheads, and more congregate.

You can use Depop as a seller to reach more customers who are looking for unusual shoes or vintage things that are available to rent in nearby shops. Additionally, when listing an item, you must provide all pertinent details, including the description, the product’s condition, its size, its price, its aesthetic appeal, hashtags, and even its color.

Apps Like Depop: Best Alternatives!

It’s a fantastic place, however, some sellers don’t like the commission fee it takes from them each time they sell something. However, this 10% commission fee doesn’t bother some sellers at all.

If you want to sell your products for a fair price, it never hurts to look into its alternatives. Additionally, they have favorable evaluations and user-friendly features that make it simple for you to identify your preferred items if you like to make purchases.

Top 18 Best Depop Websites and Apps Similar to Sell Clothes:

So that you can choose where to start, keep reading to learn more about the 18 best apps like Depop!

1. ThredUp

ThredUp is a well-known online secondhand and salvage retailer that supports the idea of sustainable fashion. Its user interface assists consumers in finding the best deals on brands. Most people prefer ThredUp because of two things in particular: the price-specific listing and the prior payment to the vendor.

Over 137 million products have been sold on this platform’s listings, which include over 55,000 brands at savings of up to 90%. By assessing and paying for items in advance, how to sell on depop? ThredUp also helps vendors despatch goods to customers. 100% of their compensation is based on consignment and the final selling price. Get your first order sent for free and your transaction discounted by 50%!



After email signup, The Real Real grants a $25 site credit. This platform has the advantageous feature of providing a $150 Extra* limited-time offer for selling. You can sell anything, including shoes, women’s apparel, and more. For a fuller image, you can also see their list of permitted products. More incentives and commission payments are made available with higher sales.

The majority of sales can be made within 30 days of listing, making it one of the best apps like Depop. Additionally, you may earn commissions of up to 85% of the sale price, which is three times more than other market competitors. Register and let their team of more than 100 experts manage the post-sale procedure. You’ll receive money sent immediately into your bank account along with an additional 5% site credit.


3. Facebook Marketplace

One of the best places to start a successful business is on Facebook (Meta). It is a strong Depop substitute, especially if you wish to buy or sell stuff. According to data, roughly 20% of users prefer Facebook Market Place to sell their products, and over 22% of people have a high degree of trust in it. how much does depop take? This platform has had a huge impact on the online sales business.

We view it as one of the strongest competitors for websites like Depop with more than 1.1 billion monthly users and over 250 million active stores. Utilize the ‘Create New Listing’ option to add your products, then wait for inquiries from clients.

4. Mercari

Similar to Depop, one of the most well-liked shopping apps is Mercari. There are no limitations on what you can sell here. The allure is that you can get a $5 voucher for your initial listing and be entered to win a $20 coupon in a raffle.

You won’t be sorry if you think it’s one of the best places to get rid of clutter because you’ll be connected to millions of other people across the country. When a sale is converted, Mercari deducts 10% of the purchase amount as commission. In addition, there will be a small processing charge of 2.9% plus $0.30 for users of the Mercari Instant Pay and Mercari Authenticate services.


5. eBay

When someone wants to buy or sell old goods, they immediately think of eBay. One of the first venues where people could sell their wares was this marketplace. Over time, their family has grown to include around 135 million active customers worldwide, with a $168 million SuperYacht being the most expensive item ever sold.

You can support this marketplace, which represents 4.7% of the total retail e-commerce market in the United States. Join eBay right away! can open an eBay store and join their 18 million+ vendors, who run more than 8,85,000+ active eBay stores.


6. Poshmark

Poshmark, one of the top social markets for new and used clothing, is akin to popular websites like Depop and has more than 80 million registered users. Their main goal is to facilitate trade focused on people by empowering everyone. In Australia, the US, and Canada alone, more than 200 million things have been sold—roughly one each second in the US.

This platform serves as both a shopping destination and a vibrant community for millions of merchants selling products for healthy personal style depop vs poshmark. Create an account, submit your product to the portal, which takes less than 60 seconds, and share your thoughts with prospective buyers to get started. The more you contribute, the more sales you make.

To avoid paying delivery costs, obtain a prepaid label from the site. They impose a fixed commission fee of $2.95 on all purchases under $15 and a 20% surcharge on purchases exceeding $15.


7. Carousell

There is no chance that a specific category won’t be found on this site. As a result, this is a well-known multi-category organization for used products to motivate people all over the world to start selling them and making them the go-to choice. Additionally, you can publish your ads in their classifieds to broaden the reach of your sales conversions. Women’s clothes, electronics, home & furniture, design, crafts, and home appliances are among the most popular categories.

For a set 4% commission on the selling price rather than a listing charge, Carousell offers an Instant buy badge. This is depop legit insignia has received a great deal of excellent feedback from users, but you have to fulfill some prerequisites to obtain it. It is the best Depop substitute to take into account.


8. Varagesale

A well-known online marketplace where people may buy and sell goods is called VarageSale. They have a manual evaluation process they can use to identify anything. This platform will therefore always have a high potential for authenticity. In their classifieds section, you can browse postings and choose categories based on your preferences.

While perusing a seller’s offerings, buyers can see the ratings and reviews left for him. Sellers should therefore be aware that publishing is quite straightforward after manual verification.


9. Vinted

For those of you looking for alternatives to Depop, Vinted should be added to the list. The common question from visitors is “Why is everything on Vinted so cheap?” In this way, this platform will reflect the level of the competition. With Vinted’s user-friendly design, it’s easy to buy, sell, or trade new or used clothing online. Additionally, there is no fee for displaying the things.

Install the free Vinted app, choose the item’s image, and then add it to the list. You can set your worth and finish the deal, or exciting applicants will approach you with a quote. Accessories, clothing, purses, footwear, cosmetics, toys, and furniture are all common product categories to sell on Vintage.

United Wardrobe, one of the biggest combined secondhand markets with a population of over 34 million, has now been bought by Vinted. Join Vinted right away to take advantage of this chance.


10. OfferUp

Offering the simplest and most trustworthy ways to buy and sell locally, OfferUp is one of the best apps similar to Depop. It’s quite easy to buy or sell things on this site; all you need to do is take excellent photos and submit them with a clear description. Here, you may specify your asking price and potential customers will get in touch with you.

The most amazing thing about them is that they don’t charge anything to list stuff, but they do charge a service fee of $1.99, or 12.9% when products are transported by them. You can try their premium services, which cost $1.99 for 1-3 days of marketing and can raise daily views by 14 times if your sales conversions are unsuccessful.

You don’t need to worry about trustworthy buyers because their special authentication system, “TruYou,” verifies each buyer and seller before granting access to account information.


11. Wallapop

Wallapop offers a variety of categories where you may buy and sell used goods while lounging on your couch. You can utilize their classifieds program (the Wallapop app), whether you’re a buyer or a seller, to make extra money from goods you no longer need. You can access a library of adverts on their website depop support to publish your own for no cost.

Sign up on their website, post your goods, give a price estimate, and then haggle with the customer to close the deal. Join the over 15 million Wallapop members who have already uploaded over 180 million products by taking advantage of this offer.


12. Swapit

Swapit is a well-known hyperlocal marketplace that links sellers of new and used things with buyers nearby. More than 250,000 users have signed up for this site. The platform’s attractive user interface offers a flawless client experience, which you will adore. It blends traditional flea markets, eBay, Pinterest, Foursquare, and more.

This platform has received multiple awards and has grown from a single firm registered in Hong Kong to one that supports more than 148 different currencies. Additionally, you can get a free premium day by referring friends who will also get one.


13. Popsy

Popsy is one of the apps like Depop that are available in the Appstore and Playstore, however, this marketplace specializes in selling refurbished devices at reasonable costs. Their main goal is to open up access to high-end technology for everyone. Because consumers are in close contact with refurbished product makers, prices are so low here.

Since there are no brokers, you can save up to 70% on products that cost as little as $99. Additionally, they have a support service that can be contacted for assistance and a 12-month warranty on their items.

14. Tradesy

Tradesy is unmatched when it comes to selling or acquiring luxury product lines for ladies. To get started, all you need to do is download the Tradesy app or go to their website. You can increase your exposure by writing the most captivating product descriptions with the aid of this platform. The terms of a sale can be discussed between a buyer and a merchant using the in-app messaging feature. You have the option of shipping with your supplies or Tradesy’s pre-paid stickers. Tradesy gives buyers a $100 discount on orders over $500.

Tradesy deducts a flat $7.50 fee from all sales under $50 and a fixed 20% commission from all sales over $50; the remaining amount is put into your wallet. With a 2.9% transfer fee, you can withdraw money via PayPal, a debit card, or a direct bank transfer. To buy and sell things, it is one of the best Depop alternatives.


15. Rebag

One of the Depop-like websites created in 2014 is Rebag, where you can buy, sell, or trade upscale items including watches, jewelry, purses, etc. It serves as a one-stop shop for updating your collection of fine goods and is presently giving new customers a set $200 discount.

(Good through 1/31) Redbag wallet credits are now available to sellers for purchases over $10,000 and for purchases under $3,000, up to a maximum of $400 and $200, respectively. The most amazing feature is that it allows you to estimate the value of your stuff by entering details about it.

You can also leave your money in the Red Bag wallet, which has a 1% monthly growth potential. Additionally, by adding money to a Redbag purchase, you can receive a 10% spending incentive.


16. StockX

StockX is one of our favorite websites to mention here, similar to Depop. This marketplace for contemporary culture aims to make the most cutting-edge products available to consumers throughout the globe. They could be accessories for video games, apparel, electronics, trading cards, accouterments, collectibles, and footwear. The feature that users like the most about this platform is that each item that is sold must go through a multi-step, proprietary verification process with the assistance of a team of professional authenticators.

Additionally, they support pricing transparency by offering a convenient list of goods that are not typically located nearby. By controlling all product descriptions and fraudsters, StockX streamlines the responsibilities of customers and vendors.

Your information is safeguarded here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and they always have a very effective help center, chatbot, and international support staff on hand to uphold their excellent customer service standards.


17. Etsy

A global marketplace called Etsy is where extraordinary, original, and creative goods are sold. Their mission statement is, “Keep Human Connection at the Core of Business.” If you want to be one of the numerous merchants who have utilized this platform to create successful and lucrative businesses, join Etsy and their community.

More than 93 million users actively use this platform. Since roughly 81% of purchases made on this platform are repeat purchases, you can concentrate on conversion rates if your products are enticing. Bags, purses, personal accessories, shoes, crafts, supplies, clothing, electronics, and collectibles are Etsy’s most profitable product categories.

Due to its helpful customer service staff, devoted customer base, and user-friendly layout, Etsy is still profitable in 2023.


18. OfferIt

It Like Depop, OfferIt is a well-known classifieds website that allows buyers and sellers to communicate via a chat window. You’re free to deal with locals if you want to sell your goods to them. There are many functions in the app, and you can always read the reviews before buying.

Sign up for their website, submit photographs as a customer, and haggle with a nearby vendor. Check the condition of the item you’re selling twice at all times because failing to do so could hurt your feedback rating for subsequent transactions.



By now, it should be clear that there are additional apps like Depop where you may buy, sell, or trade-in new or gently used products. You can buy and sell legal things like bags, clothes, shoes, athletics, antiques, and many others using any of these apps.

There are several solutions available, some of which will undoubtedly work better than others depending on the kind of product you want to sell. It doesn’t matter which app you select, though. because there is a very large market for second-hand clothing and other goods.

And they make sure that you can easily earn more money! However, you might need to take into account the costs that each platform levies. I hope the information in the preceding article has assisted you in choosing the best possible course.

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