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This post has the DOPBNK Full Form and information about DOBBNK SMS. It’s possible that at least some of us got a message from someone named DOPBNK meaning. Let’s talk about what it is and how to handle it.

We sometimes get messages we don’t want from unknown phone numbers DOPBNK Full Form. Many of them might be thrown out as fakes or scams. But we often wonder why we were sent a certain message, especially if it has financial information in it.

DOPBNK Balance Check Number | DOPBNK Full Form | DOPBNK SMS 2024

Keyword Summary
DOPBNK Full Form Part of the Post Office
DOPBNK SMS Transaction warning SMS from the Department of Post Office India Post Payments Bank
DOPBNK balance check number 8424046556
DOPBNK account opening eligibility 18 years of age
DOPBNK account minimum balance Rs.500
DOPBNK account maximum balance INR 1,00,000
DOPBNK account interest rate 2.75% per annum
DOPBNK account opening method IPPB app or visit a nearby post office branch
DOPBNK account type Regular, digital, or simple savings account
DOPBNK account benefits Complimentary monthly e-statement, mini document through SMS, zero credit account opening
DOPBNK customer care number +91 89396 58163, +91 89396 58172, 155299
DOPBNK IFSC code IPOS0000001

What is the DOPBNK Full Form

People receive texts from multiple sender names, like ID-DOPBNK, TD-DOPBNK, and VD-DOPBNK.

Having the full DOPBNK means will, as a result, help you in feeling relieved.

The Department of Post Bank is what DOPBNK stands for.

This is about the Indian Post Office. If you have a Post Office account, you may get texts from AD-DOPBNK, ID-DOPBNK, VD-DOPBNK, IM-DOPBNK, VK-DOPBNK, TD-DOPBNK, and other numbers. ALSO CHECK NatWest and bankline login

In other words, DOPBNK full name is the email department that sends the letter.


You can call any of the following customer service numbers to get in touch with DOPBNK bank.

+91 89396 58163, +91 89396 58172, 155299


There are several ways for India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) customers to send money to other bank accounts.

To move money from one account to another, you need either an IPPB IFSC code or an India Post Payment Bank IFSC code. The DOPBNK IFSC Code can be found below.

These are the IFSC codes for banks in India: IPOS0000001

The IPPB IFSC code can be used to send money to other people or make purchases online by people who have either a savings account or a current account with India Post Payment Bank.

Bank of India or IPPB for Post Payments

IPPB stands for “India Post Payments Bank.” It was created in September 2018 as a part of India Post DOPBNK Full Form, which is part of the Department of Post. Setting up a digital account with IPPB is easy and safe. You can easily and quickly send money and make changes right away.


Is DOPBNK SMS a real thing?

Yes, DOPBNK SMS is a real message sent by the Department of Post Office, which is owned by the government and is also known as India Post Payments Bank or IPPB. Most of the time, these SMS alerts are transaction alerts that let you know what’s going on with your Post Office Savings account or India Post Payments account.

Do you get DOPBNK details SMS even though you don’t have a Post Office account? Your phone number may have been registered at a Post Office store, either by you or someone else. If you’re not sure, you can ignore the texts or go to your local Post Office to find out more.

The DOPBNK (Department of Post Office) is a government body that helps people in many ways.

Anytime we finish a transaction at any bank, we get a message letting us know that the transaction was successful. The Post Office also sends a text message to our listed phone number whenever there is a transaction in our Post Office Savings account or India Post Payments.

To sum up, you will get the DOPBNK SMS once you have opened an account with the Department of Post Office (IPPB). The text message from source DOPBNK bank name is also real, so you can trust it.

DOPBNK SMS is an example of a transaction warning SMS from the Indian Post Payments Bank, which is part of the Department of Post Office.

In the event that you do not have a Post Office account but are still getting messages from DOPBNK, it’s possible that you or someone in your family has entered your phone number at one of the Post Office branches.

Still getting messages from The Post Office if you haven’t done any of those things? You can either ignore them or go to your local branch and ask them what’s going on DOPBNK Full Form.


Number on the DOPBNK balance check is 8424046556.

  • Before you can get information about your account balance, you need to make sure that your local post office has your cell phone number on file. Your phone should be set up to accept SMS messages so that you can use it.For mobile app registration, you need to know your Customer Identification Number (CIF) and your Date of Birth (DOB).

    You can find out how much DOP you have in a few different ways online.

  • Using the IPPB app on your phone
  1. Get the IPPB mobile app and install it:
  2. Get the IPPB Mobile App for your phone by going to the app shop.Sign in to the app:
  3. Open the app and use your registered phone number and password to log in.Go to the section called “Accounts”:
  4. Tap the “Accounts” tab on the app’s home screen.

Pick out the Account:

  1. This is where you can choose which account to check the amount for.

Check the balance of your account:

  1. The amount of money in your account will be shown clearly on the screen.
  2. You can check your account amount in person at the post office near your home.
  3. You can turn on the feature for banking missed calls.

When You Use Missed Call Banking

  1. To leave a missed call, call 8424054994 from the phone number you registered.
  2. An SMS will let you know how much money is in your account DOPBNK Full Form.

To find out how much money you have left on your DOPBNK account, call the number 8424054994 from the phone number you used to register for the missed call balance check.

Then, leave a message at 8424046556 to find out your account amount and at 8424046886 to get a short summary of your Post Office Savings Account.

How to Use SMS Banking

  1. Type “BAL” and your account number into an SMS and send it to 8424046556. An SMS
  2. will let you know how much money is in your account.Going to the Post Office Near You
  3. Come to the Post Office near you with your passbook or account information.
  4. A Post Office worker will help you find out how much money is in your account.

Account for the IPPB

You have to be 18 years old to open an IPPB account. The account must have at least zero value before it can be used, and it can have as much as one million rupees. The interest rate offered by IPPB is 2.75 percent per year.

How to sign up for an IPPB account

To start banking, first go to your Android phone’s Google Play shop and download the IPPB app. After that, you can open your digital savings account by following the steps given DOPBNK Full Form.

Is it free to sign up for IPPB?

You can start the account with no money in it, and you’ll get a free monthly e-statement. You can get a short statement by text message.

Account types for the IPPB

You can save money with an IPPB account in three different ways: regularly, digitally, and simply.


Dept. of Post Office is the full name of DOPBNK. This is talking about the Indian Post Office. If you have an account at the Post Office, the Post Office Department Bank may send you an SMS. The Department of Postal Banking and Networks (DOPBNK) is in charge of sending the message.


If we finish a transaction at any bank, they will give us a confirmation email or text message to let us know it went through. In the same way, the Post Office will send a text message to the number we gave them whenever there is action in either our Post Office Savings account or our India Post Payments account. You can get the DOPBNK SMS after setting up an account with the Department of Post Office (IPPB). You can trust the person who sent the SMS, DOPBNK, because they gave you accurate information.


The Bank of the Department of Postal Service. The Department of Post Bank is what DOP BNK stands for. The DOPBNK SMS is what Post Bank will send you if there is any movement on your DOP account.


If you want to check it, the deposit account number is 8424046556. From the cell phone you registered with DOPBNK, send a missed call to the number 8424054994. This will let you see how much money is in your DOPBNK account. In the next step, call the number 8424046556 to check your amount and the number 8424046886 to get a short summary of your Post Office Savings Account.

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