Facebook and Instagram May Launch Paid Versions in the EU

Meta is reportedly developing a new paid Facebook and Instagram tier for EU clients, which would include an ad-version of both social networks.

According to three people with knowledge of the company’s plans, the move is meant to avoid privacy concerns and other scrutiny from EU regulators.

The price of these premium levels is unknown. Meta would keep providing free, ad-supported versions of Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook and Instagram May Launch Paid Versions in the EU

Meta provides advertisements through analysing user data and serving them adverts based on their specific interests. It has come into problems in the EU with the implementation of GDPR, which safeguards individuals’ internet data in the nation.

In addition, the Digital businesses Act recently entered into force in the nation, requiring businesses like as Meta to provide a content feed that does not use people’s personal information for modifications. Meanwhile, the Digital Markets Act (DMA) would compel giant tech platforms to make reforms to boost competition.

Meta believes that by introducing a paid version of Facebook and Instagram and letting users to opt out of the ad-free version, some of the regulators’ worries will be alleviated.

It would not be the first time that Meta has modified one of its services for the EU. Over DMA concerns, Meta has now prevented individuals in the EU from using its new service Threads, even when using a VPN.

Under the DMA, Meta is barred from reusing an individual’s data, such as their name or location, across products without the user’s express agreement. For example, Meta would not be permitted to utilise information obtained from Facebook about a user to advertise to them on Threads, and vice versa.

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