Top 6 Best GoodNotes Apps To Take Notes [iOS,Android] In 2023

GoodNotes is a premium handwritten notes app that comes surprisingly close to the traditional pen-and-paper experience. In addition, you receive cloud storage and multimedia support. as Also In this article, we will discuss The Best Alternatives to Goodnotes for Android. Let’s start!

GoodNotes is a no-brainer if you frequently use an Apple Pencil and have extra cash to spare. However, as a premium app ($7.99 for GoodNotes 5), it is quite costly. And as an iOS-exclusive, Windows and Android users are actually out of luck. You should consider the following GoodNotes alternatives: From open-source desktop note-takers to freemium Android solutions to a genuine GoodNotes templates competitor on iOS, there are many note-taking applications available. In addition, we have covered the entire spectrum of alternatives here.

Top 6 Best GoodNotes Apps To Take Notes [iOS,Android] In 2023:

1. Apple Note


  • Compatible with iPad and iPhone
  • Free Download: Yes
  • No free trial for the purchased version

Best Deal of the Day

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Reason to Get

  1. It has remarkable handwriting and scribble recognition.
  2. Systematically, you can type and scribble in a single note.
  3. It is linked through iCloud.
  4. The application is extremely intuitive and easy to use.

Reason to Avoid

Apple Note is one of the finest apps similar to GoodNotes vs notability, which is a popular note-taking app among users who prefer free note-taking platforms. It can be used for brief text notes such as to-do lists, jotting down small details, and reminders, as well as for scribbling and typing longer notes such as case studies, assignments, regular college or school hubbub, etc.

Apple Notes provides a variety of colors for pens, pencils, highlighters, and a few others, allowing you to alter the color of your pencil. Additionally, you can upload images, videos, and other media assets. In addition, the app allows you to record phone numbers, submit documents and links, and perform a multitude of other tasks.

2. Apple Notes


  • Compatible with: Android
  • Free Download: Yes
  • Free trial of the paid version:

Reason to Get

  1. Using a password, you can secure specific notes. Thus, the notes will only be accessible with the correct password.
  2. Utilize the rich text toolbar to modify the formatting of your text.
  3. The Samsung Notes app is compatible with any pencil.

Reason to Avoid

Samsung Notes is an app for creating notes that include footnotes, audio recordings, text, and images. The primary purpose of the application is to provide a slick digital surface on which you can scribble, write, or do anything else with your stylus or finger. This makes the Samsung Notes app comparable to GoodNotes in terms of potential.

It offers an extensive selection of brushes and color mixtures. So, not only can you compose notes, but you can also draw beautiful pictures as well as any professional artist. In addition, users with paintings can share them publicly on PENUP.

Therefore, Samsung Notes is an excellent platform for those who enjoy writing but not in physical books. Additionally, users can effortlessly share their notes on SNS. Additionally, you can import existing notes from any memo software into the Samsung Notes app.

3. Apple Notes


  • Available for iOS, Android, iPad, and Mac.
  • Free Alternative: No
  • No free trial for the purchased version

Reason to Buy

  1. With the Noteshelf app’s in-app capture audio feature, you can record audio, and the file will be uploaded automatically.
  2. Noteshelf offers the capacity to annotate PDFs.
  3. The application offers a variety of note templates and covers.
  4. Noteshelf contains a planner with a table that is already organized.

Reason to Avoid

You will not receive a preview of the app’s features because you must purchase it from the Google Play Store before using it. With the Noteshelf app, users can create notability vs goodnotes handwritten notes, record audio, scrawl all of their ideas and thoughts, and professionally organize their notes.

To make their notes more presentable, users can perform additional tasks such as adding geometric shapes, changing the templates and customizing the notes page more to their preference, adding photos, etc. In addition, users can proofread documents, provide feedback, and annotate schematics for various designs in a single location. The Noteshelf app is one of the finest GoodNotes alternatives due to its usability.

In addition, the Noteshelf app can help you quickly record important conversations and details. Then you will be able to play them at any moment, even while taking notes on the screen.

Also, are you interested in keeping a journal? With Noteshelf’s additional features, you can make your digital journal more visually appealing by adding stickers, multimedia, images, etc. The Noteshelf app also includes a Digital Diary feature that is ideal for journaling and similar activities.

4. Apple Notes


  • Available on Windows, iOS, Android, and macOS.
  • Free Download: Yes
  • 14-day free trial for the paid version

Best Deal of the Day

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Reason to Buy

  1. You can maintain a record of meetings.
  2. Offers remarkable features for group collaboration.
  3. It has a highly effective and sophisticated multipurpose organizational structure.
  4. Capability to synchronize your iPad with other devices and access your notes via them.

Reason to Avoid

  1. Has inferior research features.
  2. It lacks a sufficient variety of features.
  3. The cost of the premium subscription plan is high.
  4. The free account has a monthly storage limit of 60 MB.

Evernote is a well-known note-taking and task-management application available on all major platforms. It is one of the most recommended apps, particularly if you need to take numerous notes every day.

It is primarily used for creating notes, but you can also include media assets such as audio and images, as well as saved web content, in your notes. Evernote is your ultimate tool for staying organized and working methodically if you are an entrepreneur, executive, or creative individual who enjoys capturing and organizing the ideas and details of important things.

If you do not want to work with the limited features of the free version, you can enhance your account and choose the paid version with a SaaS license.

5. Apple Notes


  • iPhone, iPad, macOS, web, Android, and Windows are supported.
  • Free Download: Yes
  • Only one month is provided free of charge for the Office 365 subscription plan.

Reason to Buy

  1. Microsoft OneNote offers an abundance of features and tools.
  2. The application can be optimized for Microsoft software.
  3. It offers a robust free version.
  4. Microsoft OneNote manages notes in a manner comparable to a traditional notebook with dividers.
  5. Copy and link pages allow you to share notes with teammates and acquaintances even if they do not have OneNote.

Reason to Avoid

  1. If you desire additional storage, you must pay for a subscription.
  2. Creating and modifying the tables is difficult and perplexing.

Microsoft OneNote is a popular program for taking notes and collaborating with multiple users. The application is useful for collecting your notes, screen captures, audio comments, and illustrations.

The key feature of the Microsoft OneNote app is the ability to effortlessly share notes with other users over the internet. Its copy and link page features enable you to share your knowledge with users who do not have OneNote.

6. Notability 


  • Compatible with iPad and iPhone
  • Free Download: Yes
  • Free trial of the paid version:

Reason to Buy

  1. Secure iOS integration and support for iCloud.
  2. Possesses remarkable handwriting recognition quality.
  3. It can be optimally optimized using the Apple Pencil.
  4. Notability’s free version includes many useful features.
  5. You can effortlessly search for documents and media files using their filenames.

Reason to Avoid

  1. The company’s subscription programs are costly.
  2. You cannot backup files because the application does not request an account or login information.
    Notability is the primary note-taking app for Apple devices, allowing users to annotate PDF files and take notes.

The highlight of the Notability app is that it can not only record your text but also diagrams and artworks if you are an artist or a student. Another highlight is that you can combine the pen and highlighter tools to create unique colors and effects.

In addition, Notability permits you to share your notes with the public and other members while obtaining the notes of others. Additionally, the app allows you to record and replay audio notes. And the audio sync feature is seamless, and your notes will be automatically displayed on-screen.


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