How to Activate ABC iview Using the Domain

This article will demonstrate how to activate ABC iView by clicking on the link. You may stream live and on-demand television for free from any location. ABC iView is user-friendly, advertisement-free, and uniquely Australian. It offers various content suitable for all ages, including humour, arts, drama, and news.

ABC’s streaming platform offers a free streaming service called ABC iView, although its content is region-restricted. It is easy to conceal your true location by substituting it with an Australian IP; a VPN grants you free access to ABC’s whole iView roster. Follow the detailed instructions on how to watch from any other location in the world and our recommendations for the most trustworthy and smooth VPNs for streaming.

ABC provides specialized and high-quality Australian documentaries and children’s programs. You may watch any ABC broadcast TV station live on your mobile, laptop, tablet, Apple TV, or other compatible streaming devices anytime, anywhere. To stream these programs, you must convince the iView player that you are in Australia. Learn to activate ABC iView with the Link TV code without further ado.

ABC iView-Supported Devices/Platforms

ABC iView is not compatible with all streaming devices; the supported devices are mentioned below.

  • Mobile app— iPad, iPhone, Android
  • Samsung TV
  • Hisense TV
  • LG TV
  • Apple TV, Google TV (including Amazon Fire TV Stick, Google TV, Vodafone TV, Foxtel Now, NVIDIA Shield, and some Sony TVs).
  • Telstra TV
  • IQ Foxtel
  • Fetch TV

Link TV code is used to activate ABC iView

If you already navigate the unique activation code from your TV or streaming device, visit to finish the activation case.

Follow the steps below to enter the unique activation code to link your television to your ABC account. Before beginning the procedure, attempt the following steps:

  • Creating an account is free.
  • Utilize a compatible smart TV or streaming device with ABC iView, such as an Apple TV or a Smart TV.

On your Smart TV, activate ABC iView.

Follow the below steps to activate ABC iView on your smart television:
Turn on ABC’s view

  • Set up the ABC iView application after downloading and installing it.
  • Using your remote control, navigate to the Settings menu. Depending on the brand and type of your TV or compatible device, this menu option may be called My Account.
  • Select the TV connection option.
  • Note the four-digit activation code placed at the screen’s bottom.
  • Use your secondary device to complete the connection (Smartphone or PC).

Please be aware that this activation code will expire after 20 minutes; should you receive an error message that the code has expired, exit the Link from your TV’s menu on the remote, then return to the menu. The screen should now display a new code.

Activate ABC iView on your mobile device or computer.

After obtaining the unique code, follow the steps in the following section.

  •  go to
  • Select Your ABC Account log from the drop-down option.
  • Enter your ABC Account login information.
  • After logging in, click LINK YOUR TV and enter the activation code displayed on your television.
  • Turn on ABC’s iview

Why is registration required to stream on ABC iView

Why do you have to log in before you can activate ABC iView? ABC Account login is required when viewing ABC iView on compatible devices or on the ABC iView website.

However, there are a few exceptions, such as that most TV models permit logins, but some older devices do not support the current version of the ABC iView app. These devices will allow viewers to stream ABC iView without logging into an ABC Account.

Even if the ABC iView app is still compatible with older televisions, there may come a time when this is no longer the case. This may prevent you from downloading the ABC iView application. Then, you can follow the steps outlined below with an ABC Account:

  • Click the Continue Watching button to continue watching from where you left off.
  • Make your Viewing History to track your progress through a series and the episodes you’ve already viewed.
  • Create a folder named Watchlist to store your favourite shows.
  • Additionally, you may create profiles for each family member for a more customized TV and online experience.
  • You should receive customized recommendations based on your viewing history and prior knowledge.
  • It’s simple to sign up; you only need an email address or an account with Facebook, Google, or Apple.

Cannot activate ABC iView? Try these solutions!

If you have tried the above activation process and are still unable to watch ABC iView content, then try the following troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue of being unable to activate ABC iView:

ABC iView cannot be accessed when using a VPN.

ABC’s contractual obligations with streaming service providers mandate blocking all VPNs and other location-hiding technology, such as Public Proxies and TOR Exit Nodes, regardless of the viewer’s actual location. When licensing businesses discover a violation of the agreement, they are permitted to remove the offending content.

  • Verify that your device and internet router’s DNS settings are set per your internet service provider’s recommendations (ISP).
  • Also, make sure your VPN was not activated before accessing ABC iView so that you can view it easily.

Having connectivity problems

ABC iView functions optimally on devices with a high-speed broadband connection, such as ADSL2+ (1.1Mbps or above) or 4G mobile data.

If you employ WIFI, Ensure that your device has a strong signal. Transmission obstructions like walls and locked doors may exist if your device is not near the modem. In such a case, you can switch to a wired network connection.

If the network problem persists, try restarting your modem or router or applying any available firmware upgrades for this device.

Why must the device’s clock be adjusted to access ABC iView?

Numerous streaming devices offered by ABC iView require the time to be precisely set to play the video without interruption. Verify that the system clock on your device is set to the current time zone automatically.

Changing the time settings on your device from manual to automatic and back again may help resolve the issue.

When Error 102630 or 203000 occurs

The error code 102630 is a common issue encountered when attempting to play a video. Typically, We can correct this type of error either:

  • Restarting your device or
  • web browser may resolve the issue.

When you notice error code 221000

Because of an issue with your internet connection, this error code prohibits the video from playing. Ensure that your internet connection is strong.

  • Switch off your internet modem or router for approximately 10 minutes, then switch it back on.

When you see error code 224002

When you encounter the error notice, “There was an error loading the video or this video cannot be played.” Try the steps listed below:

  • Open ABC iView on a different web browser and replay the video to determine whether the issue persists.
  • If you cannot play the video, delete your browser’s cache and browsing data. Delete the steps below to clear the cache of your browser:
  • Right-click the three dots icon at the top corner of the browser window.
  • Select Settings from the menu’s drop-down.
  • Select Clear Browsing History.
  • Select all of the checkboxes and then press Clear Data.
  • That is all!

I hope you found this article helpful! Now you should be able to activate ABC iView without any problems. If you face any issues during the activation process, the troubleshooting instructions should help resolve any remaining problems. Please share your thoughts in the section below.

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