How to get the NYTimes in Dark Mode in Easy Steps

The New York Times, or NYTimes, app for Android and iPhone is one of the greatest news-reading applications available. The NYTimes, like all other reading applications for smartphones, includes a built-in Dark Mode option. If you read a lot at night or in dim lighting, you may set the dark theme on the app and read all the news without straining your eyes.

Why Should I Enable the NYTimes Dark Mode?

When you use your smartphone or computer for an extended amount of time, you will experience serious negative effects such as headaches and eye strain. You can gain the following benefits by enabling the dark mode.

  1. Dark mode minimises blue light output, which might disrupt your sleep.
  2. When you enable the dark mode, your device’s battery life will be extended.
  3. The dark mode displays the image’s exact design, making it possible for viewers to inspect every nook and cranny.
  4. Dark mode inverts the colour palette and may provide comfort when using your smartphone or PC.

How to Enable NYTimes Dark Mode [Smartphones]

1. Make sure you have the most recent version of the NYTimes app on your smartphone. If not, get the most recent version from the Play Store or App Store.

2. On your smartphone, open the NYTimes app and touch the Account icon.

3. On the My Account screen, on iPhones, hit the Settings button.
Select the Settings option.

Note: For Android cellphones, skip to Step 5 and select Theme.

4. Select the Display Settings option from the App Settings menu.

5. Select the Dark option from the Appearance menu.
The NYTimes app now has a dark mode.

6. If you select Automatic or System Default, the app will transition to a bright or dark theme based on the settings of your smartphone.

Check out our guides on how to enable dark mode on iPhone and Android.

Turn on Dark Mode in NYTimes [Desktop].

To obtain the dark look on the NYTimes website on the desktop, utilise Chrome dark theme plugins like Night Eye.

1. Launch Chrome and search for and install the Night Eye Extension from the Chrome Web Store.

2. From the pop-up menu, select Add Extension from the Add to Chrome option.

3. Then, open the Night Eye Extension and select Try it for free.

4. On the extension’s home screen, you’ll see three options: Dark, Filtered, and Normal.

5. Among these options, select Dark to access the app or web version entirely in dark mode.

6. To disable the dark mode, click the extension’s Power button.

Questions and Answers

Can I play the Wordle game in dark mode on the NYTimes app? Yes, when you enable the dark theme in the app, it is mirrored in all of the games.

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