Top 11 Best Kayako Alternatives for Customer Support in 2023

Kayako is a Help Desk tool in the business & commerce sector that is defined as ‘effortless customer service software that helps teams be more productive and develop client loyalty’. There are over 100 Kayako alternatives for various platforms, including Online / Web-based, Android, iPhone, Self-Hosted solutions, and Linux. osTicket, which is both free and open source, is the best alternative. Chatwoot, Freshdesk, Zendesk, and UseResponse are all excellent alternatives to sadako vs Kayako.

Top 11 Best Kayako Alternatives for Customer Support in 2023:

1. Help Scout

For thorough customer assistance, Kayako is the best alternative.

Help Scout is designed for teams who place a high value on customer interactions. Help Scout is easier to set up, run, and support than sadako vs. Kayako, according to users. It will assist you in creating a unified client experience, from initial purchase to customer assistance. Help Scout includes a variety of features that distinguish it as the best Kayako option for comprehensive customer care.

Shared inboxes:

All support enquiries are easily accessible in a single, universal inbox. This ensures that no client communication is missed and that each customer is always handled by a full-fledged member of the support staff.

Shared inboxes also allow agents to connect behind the scenes, obtaining assistance from team members as needed to produce a seamless customer care experience.

Get collision detection to prevent two agents from working on the same ticket at the same time, rapid access to saved replies to send responses to frequently asked queries, and tag customer conversations to organise them.

Knowledge base management:

Giving your clients the choice to self-serve provides them the authority to find solutions without having to contact your team. Create your own knowledge base articles with copy, graphics, videos, tables, and links to related instructions in no time. Additionally, fill your website’s live chat with support articles for simple access.

Customer management:

Each time you answer a support request, you can access customer data, previous discussions, and customer behaviour – all of which are linked to each user’s profile in Help Scout. This gives your customers the impression that you remember who they are, so personalising the user experience.

Live chat

Install a live chat widget on your website to provide your consumers with a one-click way to contact your support team. Customers can use this page to browse knowledge base articles or speak with a support person if they can’t find what they’re searching for.


As the volume of customer support requests increases, employ automation to automate repetitive operations and assist your staff in accomplishing more with less effort. Workflows use conditions to do tasks ranging from simple filtering and routeing to intricate process wizardry. To achieve SLAs, bring order to chaos, and service clients faster, use automated workflows.

After a matter is handled, for example, you may send out automated customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys. If only one person sent the surveys, it would take a long time and they might miss a few emails along the way.

With Help Scout, you can take this automation a step further. If a customer responds negatively to a CSAT, your help desk can establish a case for you to follow up on in order to remedy any issues. This assists you in converting an unhappy customer into a loyal one.


Gather detailed information about how your customer service team is performing. Examine average response times, the performance of your knowledge base articles, the volume of consumer requests, and more.

Light users

Give members of your extended team limited access to your Help Scout data. This user position allows your non-customer-facing personnel to monitor and follow discussions in Help Scout, leave private comments, examine reports or knowledge base articles, and create and edit Messages without utilising a paid seat.

Light users, which are included with new Plus and Pro plans, make it simple to boost transparency and promote cooperation across your organisation.

Integrations & data migration

With Help Scout, you can integrate over 90 third-party apps. Combine your customer service with platforms your team is already familiar with and likes, such as Slack, Salesforce, HubSpot, Gmail, and so on.

Furthermore, for those wishing to migrate from another platform to Help Scout, Help Scout’s data conversion options make transferring your client data and conversation history a breeze.

Price: at $20 per user per month.

2. Freshdesk

Kayako is the best alternative for larger groups.

Freshdesk is a set of technologies that includes customer support software. They provide software for sales, marketing, IT services, and kayako saeki human resources. As a result, Freshdesk is a good choice for larger teams that require multi-faceted software.

Customer support software from Freshdesk provides omnichannel assistance, help desk ticketing, live chat messaging with chatbot capability, and contact centre support.

Price: Free plan available. Paid plans starting at $15/agent per month.

3. LiveAgent

The best Kayako replacement for live chat automation.

LiveAgent is designed primarily for multi-channel chat assistance and automated live chat. This is a feasible alternative for your team if you want to reach out to customers across numerous platforms and build up SLAs and workflows to optimise support processes.

Their live chat widget includes a CRM and automated conversation routeing. Your team may also bring in support enquiries from social media for better incident management with over 190 connectors and omnichannel help.

Price: Free plan with limited features available. Premium plans starting at $15/agent per month.

4. Zendesk

The best Kayako alternative for large corporations.

Zendesk is one of the more popular customer service platforms, but that doesn’t always mean it’s the best. It’s well-known for its extensive range of service desk capabilities, but it also comes with a complex setup that necessitates some training to fully utilise.
This is why we prefer Zendesk for large businesses that require access to higher-level tools like skill-based routeing, premium sandbox capabilities, and advanced workflows.

Another product on our list might be a better choice if you need to get your customer support outlet up and running quickly.

Price: Starting at $19/agent per month.

Best Kayako alternative for large businesses.

Salesforce is a powerful platform that many sales teams use to manage relationships and send out pitches. However, while its service capabilities are more reasonable, the entire sales cloud is far more expensive, making it more financially viable for larger enterprises.

If you’re a Salesforce user but the service options aren’t quite what you’re looking for, Keep Scout provides a Salesforce connector that will easily marry the two.

Price: Starting at $25/user per month.

6. HappyFox

Best Kayako alternative for newer teams who want to set up and go.

HappyFox’s user-friendly and visually appealing interface makes it ideal for new customer care teams or startups looking to get their customer support management software up and running quickly. HappyFox, with its modern user interface, is the software solution for small enterprises in need of a basic beginning point.

Price: Starting at $29/agent per month.

7. Intercom

Kayako’s best self-service support alternative.

While customer support traditionally entails one-on-one interaction with your consumers, being a great service provider entails having multiple channels for receiving help in real time. This is why Intercom is one such option: it’s a self-service platform that provides rapid assistance. Chatbots and help articles can automatically handle questions, allowing customers to receive faster responses.

Price: Starting at $67 per month for smaller businesses. Larger businesses are encouraged to set up a demo call for custom pricing.

8. TeamSupport

The best Kayako option for B2B companies.

TeamSupport primarily assists B2B organisations in providing customer support to their clients. This is an alternative for B2B firms looking to strengthen their support operations, since it includes a range of solutions for support, success, engagement, and analytics.

TeamSupport allows brands to work across departments to give quick responses, monitor and automate the customer lifecycle, and personalise chat experiences to maximise customer lifetime value. As B2B software, TeamSupport’s capabilities and connectors appeal to this niche of businesses interacting with businesses rather than individuals.

Price: Contact TeamSupport for pricing.

9. Zoho Desk

Kayako’s best alternative for sales-focused teams.

Zoho, like Zendesk, Freshdesk, and Salesforce, is a solution that is part of a wider suite of applications. Zoho’s CRM is one of their key services, making this a perfect support solution for sales-focused organisations seeking for a ticketing system.

Even if you don’t know how to code, Zoho’s help desk has a customisable interface that allows you to customise your support software. Create reusable email and SMS templates, provide secure customer assistance, and assign agent responsibilities and permissions, among other things, to provide a positive experience for your consumers.

Price: Free plan available for up to three agents. Paid plans starting at $14/agent per month.

10. OneDesk

The best Kayako substitute for project management.

OneDesk is a platform for both customer support and project management. With capabilities like Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and time tracking, this is a solution for teams who require help with both customer service and internal project management.

Capture email tickets easily while also ensuring your staff stays on top of resolving customer-reported problems and issues. OneDesk is best suited for smaller companies with tightly knit support and development teams.

Price: Starting at $9/user per month.

Kayako’s best alternative for those on a tighter budget.

ProProfs offers 17 business products, ranging from training software to quiz generators and customer care software called ProProfsDesk. This help desk and customer care management application contains features like as a shared inbox, automation, reporting and analytics, and more.

Customer engagement tools such as a survey creator, quiz maker, and popup tool are included in ProProfs. If you want to develop these types of engaging experiences, ProProfs may be the best option for customer support.

Price: Starting at $10/user per month.

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