10 LiveLeak Alternatives For Shocking Videos 2023

Do you want to view frightening content on LiveLeak alternatives? Fortunately, this post will present you with 5 LiveLeak alternatives so you may watch more videos. And this post will provide a basic overview of LiveLeak videos. LiveLeak the finest free video editor if you want to make great videos.

What Is LiveLeak?

Before we get into the top LiveLeak alternatives, let’s first define LiveLeak.

In 2006, Liveleak launched a video-sharing service. This website is run to freely host true films of world events such as war, politics, and so on. Users can upload videos, but the content is more political and confrontational. When you access the website and click on Recent Items, you will be able to view all available news videos concerning recent discussions. Alternatively, select Must See to view some sizzling and disturbing videos.

Top 10 LiveLeak Alternatives For Shocking Videos 2023

 1. Xfinity Video

Xfinity is a website that is similar to new zealand shooting videos LiveLeak. This segment’s first site serves as a warm-up for what’s to follow. The films shown here are probably only alarming to exceedingly conservative people. However, where would you go if you wanted to witness something like a rabid dog, Got Talent, or Howard Stern kissing Matt Lauer? He was bitten by a rattlesnake, or Gisele Bundchen showed out new zealand shooter live stream liveleak her breast at a celebrity event! During Hurricane Harvey, an audio tape was shared here by Saviour, who said: “Civilians are shooting raiders or simply looters insight, God bless Texas.”

2. Flickr

Flickr, which existed before YouTube in 2004, was known for uploading images rather than videos. It which is comparable to Liveleak, can be used as a social media handle. You can submit films up to 1 GB in size alongside your photographs. To upload films, you must first set up and maintain a Flickr account. Flickr allows you to submit photos and videos, which might help you keep track of your memories. Those are the most crucial locations for recalling joyful memories.

3. ItemFix

ItemFix is the next site on the list. This LiveLeak alternative is a video-sharing website designed for video enthusiasts. The website is only available in English. You can also use this platform to watch, upload, and share material such as videos. The majority of videos are about strange things that people do and difficulties that occur within a country. The site is simple to navigate and understand. When it comes to navigation, it is swift, and each video loads at a respectable speed.

4. EngageMedia

EngageMedia is a non-profit website that emphasizes human rights and free speech to effect change through media and technology. This Liveleak alternative is a public video-sharing platform free to everybody. Years after its introduction, the site established a partnership with Canadian television, bolstering the use of Social Justice and democracy in media and continuing to make advances to this day. To upload and distribute videos, you must first create an account, just like on other video-sharing websites. Furthermore, EngageMedia may be accessed via practically any device, including desktop, Android, and iOS smartphones. The instructions for streaming the site using your Android and iOS mobile devices are listed below.

5. Ebaumsworld

If you enjoy seeing a wide variety of scary movie content, this prominent website (Ebaum’s World) is the only place you should go. The video area includes everything from breaking news events (such as Nurse Utah being forcibly detained) to more viral and punching odd videos (such as a student throwing a tantrum after her teacher steals her phony identity).

You never know what to expect when you visit Ebaum’s World’s films area, and that is what makes Ebaum’s World so entertaining. Here are some excellent NSFW videos (organized under the label NSFW), so proceed with caution. However, if you enjoy unexpectedly humorous, surprising, or scary videos, you will never go wrong by visiting Ebaum’s World.

6. my Vidster

My Vidster is next on the list. This Liveleak substitute is a social video-sharing and hosting platform that allows you to view videos taken by others. It allows you to construct a library of videos and share them with others. Similarly, you can view other people’s video collections. That is why, over the years, this site has attracted a lot of attention because it provides a nice environment for streamers. Above all, because of its extensive video library, it is an excellent alternative to Liveleak.

7. OMG News

Similar to how Insane focuses on viral videos, OMG News focuses heavily on the controversy. It is an attempt to capitalize on the phenomenon of internet rage. There is a film about a scientist who is not allowed to criticize orthodox science. Another cautions all parents that their youngster has already watched violent and irritating videos. Another warning to viewers: these tiny sea animals can eat you alive.

The goal here is to surprise and amaze viewers so that they will share this important content on social media. If you enjoy conspiracy theories or other controversial content, this is the place to be. Consider this OMG News to be a terrific selection of the top YouTube videos for venting your wrath.

8. D Tube

It is similar to YouTube based on the name alone. D Tube, which inherited YouTube’s appearance, has gained in popularity. D Tube is distinct in that it allows explicit content on the main panel. Furthermore, it is not restricted in any way. D Tube, a well-known and respectable website similar to Liveleak that requires an account to view videos, has more stunning videos flooding the platform. The best characteristic of D Tube is that it is a decentralized platform. More importantly, D Tube operates on the Steem blockchain, with cryptocurrency rewards. Cryptocurrencies are getting increasingly popular. A giant leap toward the future!

9. AOL Video

Are you seeking sites like YouTube and Liveleak that have a large number of videos in one place? One of the best sites is AOL Video. You may watch videos on AOL Video without needing to sign up. This LiveLeak-like website is another well-known video-sharing service that has many of the same features as Liveleak and hosts many of its videos. This website also contains links to older videos. They do not, however, confine the service to their videos, but also host videos from other websites. This organizes the videos based on your preferences, with options such as My Queue, Explore, Shows, and more. The videos are organized in chronological order and together; relevant and comparable videos are grouped. This feature makes it easier for people to use this platform, and as a result, they become frequent visitors to the AOL video site.

10. Veoh

Veoh is a great site to visit if you want to watch interesting and high-quality videos. Here you can find a wider range of genres to keep you entertained. This website contains adventure, movies, many niches, comedy, anime, horror, and many other things. You may also use your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to watch streaming online videos from the online, which is similar to YouTube. YouTube, on the other hand, only publishes video clips. In comparison to Veoh, fans may watch whole episodes of TV shows and movies.


You may search and view an infinite number of videos with these LiveLeak alternatives. Which of these websites do you prefer? If you have any suggestions for other sites like LiveLeak, please leave them in the comments section.

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