Microsoft Gives its Approval to Surface Duo Apps

Microsoft is one step closer to making its two-screen Surface services that almost work. The company has given developers a test toolkit for making apps work with Surface Duo, which runs on Android. It has libraries for Java and model so that it can work with a device with two screens. Since it is a rough code, businesses will find it easier to make apps for the Surface Duo when it comes out this year.

Microsoft Gives its Approval to Surface Duo Apps

Developers who want to make apps for Windows 10X and Surface Neo will have to wait a little longer. The company planned to give out a pre-release form of the Windows development kit in the coming weeks. The deal will be made available through Insider previews, and on February 11, a 10X-ready emulator and programming tools will be launched.

During the launch, there must be a number of apps for both the Duo and the Neo that can be used during this time. How many? is a question. It depends on how often Microsoft updates their developer kits and how quickly they do it.

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