New “Message With Yourself” Feature on WhatsApp

A new feature on WhatsApp allows you to speak with or message only yourself. Both iOS and Android smartphones support this ability.

It is a self-chat function that allows you to quickly record and retrieve personal information or data by sending messages to your account. Without any workarounds, you may use WhatsApp to send yourself notes, shopping lists, to-do lists, updates, reminders, and other files.

According to the source, the function has already been made available to certain users and will be made available to everyone in the upcoming weeks.

A new screen lock feature has recently been released by WhatsApp for the desktop beta version. The new self-chat capability will be made available to everyone in the following update, however no official release date has been specified. WhatsApp will one day be viewed as a note-taking app with a cool function.

New “Message With Yourself” Feature on WhatsApp

How to Use WhatsApp’s Message With Yourself Feature

[1]. Update the WhatsApp app on your Android or iOS smartphone first.

[2]. Start WhatsApp on your phone.

[3]. Select “Create a New Chat” from the menu.

[4]. Your contact will be at the very top of the list.

[5]. Enter the message you wish to send by tapping on your phone number.

[6]. Finally, press the Send button.

You may pin the chat on WhatsApp so that you can immediately access it. Additionally, the chat with your phone number will be accessible in your WhatsApp account’s contacts list.

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