Top 12 Best Slack Alternatives to Consider for Your

Unquestionably, Slack ranks among the top collaboration solutions available today. However, there are a few Slack login competitors you might want to take into account if you run a start-up or a small business because they offer fantastic functionality at a more affordable price.

Apps for team collaboration have become incredibly popular. 91% of organizations use at least two messaging applications for office communication, according to a Mio poll. You could wonder why this enormous popularity exists.

Business communication tools like Slack provide clear and efficient workflow when teams connect and interact remotely. Without question, Slack is the best team messenger in the world.

However, the abundance of functionality given by Slack may go beyond what a start-up or small business needs. Additionally, Slack can end up being too expensive given their tight budget. If you are seeking Is Slack free alternatives for any of these reasons, you have come to the perfect place.

Top 12 Best Slack Alternatives to Consider for Your

We’ve compiled a list of the top Slack alternatives in this article for your convenience.

#1) Hangouts Chat

Another application that can be used as an alternative to Slack download is hangout chat, a Google product. With the help of this programme, users can continue working on their documents, slides, and sheets while offline.


  • Voice and Video Calling.
  • Collaborating with all g-suites (Docs, sheets, presentations).
  • Store and share your files.
  • Security features like 2-Step verification and Single Sign-On.
  • You can use shared calendars, to view the availability of your team members.

Website: Hangouts Chat

#2) Matter most

An open-source team chat programme is called Matter Most. It is accessible on Windows, mobile devices, and the web, bringing together all team conversations in one location. There are three different editions available, one of which is open source and the other two were created with business uses in mind.


  • It can be integrated with most of the available DevOps tools like Jenkins, Git, etc
  • All the conversation made between the team is properly organized.
  • It also offers screen sharing and audio/video calls.
  • Matter most supports multiple languages.
  • You can also customize the notification received over mobile, desktop and web.

WebsiteMatter most

#3) Rocket Chat

Rocket Chat is an open-source team chat programme with several capabilities, including audio/video conferencing, which makes working with the team easier.


  • Audio & Video Calls and conferencing.
  • Screen Sharing
  • E2E and SSO encryption.
  • Real-time translation to over 50 languages.
  • It can be tailored for endless customization.

WebsiteRocket Chat

#4) Ryver

Rvyer is much more than simply a team chat programme; it offers several features that no other solution on the market can match Slack desktop app. Along with group chat, Rvyer also provides task management and workflow automation. As a result, time can now be saved by automating tasks like task assignment and team notification.


  • Task assignment and team notification can be automated.
  • Dedicated task manager to track all your conversations.
  • Screen sharing and audio/video calls.


#5) Flock

Flock was created primarily for team chat but also allows for document sharing, video calling, and screen sharing. Additionally, Flock facilitates the integration of third-party applications such as social media accounts and Google Analytics.

You have the ability to build both public and private channels as a Flock admin user. Whereas the private channel is intended for the team members and may only be accessed by invitation, the public channel is open to everyone and allows for the sharing of all ideas and knowledge.


  • Screen Sharing, Video calling between the team members
  • Unlimited chat history.
  • Integration of external apps like Google Analytics, Google Drive, Trello, Bitbucket, Dropbox, etc
  • Various Business Tools like Reminders, Sharing to DOs, polls.
  • Flock also manages your mailing list, and with that, you can send emails to all your team members in one go.

Website: Flock

#6) Fleep

The majority of team chat programmes can only be used to communicate with other team members. With Fleep, though, you can strike up a chat with any other Fleep user. You can add a person’s email address even if they don’t use Fleep so that they can receive all communications by email.


  • Supports conversation between team members and other people who are not in your organization.
  • Supports file sharing.
  • You can track your message if it has been seen by any other Fleep user.
  • With Fleep You can also edit your sent messages.
  • All the conversations between the team members and other users are stored at Fleep’s cloud server, thus you can access the conversation and files on any devices.


#7) Chanty

The primary characteristic of this app that distinguishes it from other team chat programmes is its unlimited communication history. By restricting their access to a chat, you, as a Chanty user, can also manage the responsibilities of the other team members, which means you can manage who can post to a conversation.


  • Quick access button to get access to the entire history.
  • Highlight the team members with quick mention keywords.
  • You can turn any message to your task.
  • Chanty also supports the integration of third-party apps like google drive, twitter, bit bucket, MailChimp, Jira…etc.
  • Chanty also supports voice chat, voice calling, and screen sharing.
  • With its AI-powered tools, it suggests the best answers to a message. Thereby ultimately saving your time from typing out long messages.


#8) Glip

With its team chat software, Glip offers a whole solution for team communication. It has a tonne of features, including video calling and file sharing, that make communication simple.


  • Supports file sharing from multiple sources like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Evernote, and Onedrive.
  • Glip supports video calling, thus you are just a click away to meet your team member face to face to discuss your project.


#9) Jostle

Because Jostle is an Intranet-based team chat programme, all communication between team members must take place within your company.


  • Jostle supports voice and video calling between the team members.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Available at multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Desktop.
  • Supports integration of necessary tools like Google Drive, Twitter, Gmail, etc.

Website: Jostle

#10) Cisco Spark

Another team chat programme that offers all the crucial elements a user may need to work with the other team members is Cisco Webex. Since every message sent and received is entirely encrypted, you can be sure that any conversations you have about your projects will remain private. You can also erase the data from the device if it has been lost as the administrator of this app.


  • Cisco Webex supports video conferencing, and voice conferencing.
  • As an administrator you can also block the other users from sharing the files, thereby maintaining the privacy and data policy of the company.
  • All the messages are properly encrypted, and you also have the option to manage your own encryption keys.

WebsiteCisco spark

#11) Hive

Hive primarily concentrates on project management as a team chat platform. As a result, it serves as a Project Management Tool rather than merely a team chat programme. Additionally empowering your team members’ tasks is this tool.


  • As a Hive user, you can create your personal to-do list.
  • With its powerful yet simple project management feature you can easily track the progress of your project.
  • It supports integration with various other third-party tools like Github, Google Drive, etc.
  • You can assign a task to your team members, and can also keep a track on the progress of the task assigned.

Website: Hive

#12) CA Flowdock

Another option to Slack is CA Flowdocs. All project flows and team member conversations created using this application are extremely nicely organised in threads. All of these threads are distinguished by distinct colours to make it simple to find the subject and begin a discussion about it.


  • All the conversations are organized in threads.
  • CA Flowdocs support 1:1 Flow so that the team members can start the conversation privately.
  • Supports Video calling and screen sharing among the team members.
  • Available at multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Windows devices, etc.

WebsiteCA Flowdock


Q1. Is there anything plainly better than Slack?

A. Slack is undoubtedly one of the most popular team chat software. But there are Slack alternatives for smaller businesses looking for reasonably priced yet feature-rich software.

All of the Slack alternatives we’ve covered here contain capabilities that are both similar to and more sophisticated than those of the well-known program. Depending on your needs, you can choose the best option from this list of Slack alternatives.

Q2. Who are competitors to Slack?

A. These are the best Slack substitutes:

Chanty Rocket. Chat Discord
RingCentral MVP Mattermost Flock Ryver… and others

Q3. What are the free alternatives to Slack?

A. The majority of popular Slack substitutes, like Chanty, and Rocket. Chat, and others, provide a free version of their office communication tool. The capabilities offered in the free plan are sufficient to easily manage your team communications.

You must sign up for one of their paying plans if you want to use some of their extra features.

Q4. Is there a Google product similar to Slack? 

A. Google Chat is one of the Slack alternatives.

Any Slack user will be drawn to this free application by its abundance of capabilities. Numerous individuals using iOS, Android, Windows, or other platforms can access it.

Google Chat can be one of the greatest Slack alternatives if you primarily use Google Docs, Google Drive, and other similar programs.

Final word:

Our top selections for the finest Slack alternatives are listed below. Slack can be expensive and time-consuming for smaller businesses. We have provided you with 12 Slack substitutes that not only have excellent features but also reasonable prices. Which of these Slack alternatives do you believe will work best for your team? What are the key components a team chat platform must have? Post your ideas in the comments section to share with us.

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