Soon, WhatsApp Will Let You Make Polls For Groups

In order to assess public opinion, polls are carried out frequently. You can make polls on social media apps like Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and Instagram Stories. WhatsApp is currently developing the ability to conduct polls in conversations with others. In order to find out the thoughts and feelings of your loved ones, social groups, coworkers, and acquaintances, you may make a poll.

Soon, WhatsApp Will Let You Make Polls For Groups

The beta version of WhatsApp has the new functionality. The new polls feature for WhatsApp is being worked on and will be available in next versions. In a recent upgrade, users of the Android and iPhone versions of WhatsApp may now respond to messages.

WABetaInfo claims that a maximum of 12 choices can be added to a poll. Once the functionality is released, the number of options may change. A snapshot of the WhatsApp group poll function was also provided by WABetaInfo. The screenshot suggests that the option to make a poll is the seventh option, below the options to share media.

Members of the WhatsApp group can vote on a poll by selecting their prefered answer and tapping the Vote button. Each person in the group will get a copy of the final response.

The beta version of WhatsApp received changes on September 13 to evaluate the “hide online status” features.

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