The 10 Best Free Second Phone Number Apps In 2023

Android apps with a free second phone number in 2023:

It’s beneficial to have a second phone number. The desire to keep your personal and professional lives separate, as well as having a second number for online dating or classified ads, are just a few of the many benefits of having a second number. Getting a second phone number can be done in a number of ways.

You can use a VoIP service that offers you a second phone number linked to your primary phone, sign up for a service that gives you a temporary or disposable number, or port your existing phone number to a new carrier.

The proliferation of smartphone apps has made getting a second number simpler than ever.

They do not require any special equipment in addition to being extremely simple to use. Also, they are sometimes affordable or even free because they work with your current smartphone.

Although many apps offer second phone numbers, they all function differently. We’ll review the best free second phone number apps in this article so you can pick the one that works best for you.

The Best Free Apps for Second Phone Numbers:

1. Google Voice

The best second phone number apps include Google Voice. It is trustworthy and has been around forever.

A free phone number is offered, and calls, texts, and voicemails are all accepted. You may make free calls to the US using Google Voice as well. Also, the app includes great features like caller ID, voicemail transcription, and call forwarding. The software is still among the best of its kind even though updates are not routinely made to it.

One of the app’s most useful features is the web interface. Any web browser may access Google Voice, which works perfectly.

Whilst you can send and receive text messages, including voice messages, over your web browser, you cannot make calls. The majority of obtrusive calls are blocked by Google Voice’s superb spam filter. This filter has the ability to recognise spam calls and texts and add them right away to a blocklist. Email and Hangouts are two Google apps that can be linked with this software.

Other Google Voice features include:

  • Voicemail greeting customization
  • Do Not Disturb mode
  • Call recording
  • Voicemail transcription
  • Voice messages

2. FreeTone

Similar to Flyp, FreeTone lets you choose one free number and keep it for as long as you desire. With the number, you can call or text any number in the United States, but there is a catch. If you want to get rid of the advertisements, you must pay a monthly subscription.

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Regardless of the plan you are on, this free second phone number app for Android can be used without a SIM card. When calling emergency services, your phone number is the only one that is required.

In case you are unavailable to answer a call, the caller can leave you a message using this app’s voicemail feature. You may also add emoticons and stickers to your talks to make them better. In addition, you can make HD-quality video calls.

You can communicate with multiple receivers at once using the group texting option, and there is no limit to the number of text messages you can send.

3. Dingtone

Users may get free US or Canadian phone numbers for texting and calling with Dingtone, one of the best second phone number apps for iOS and Android.

Your Dingtone contacts are able to call and text you for free, just like they could with any other US phone number.

There are no limitations and no additional costs. A real US phone number is provided in addition, allowing you to make free calls and texts to anyone in the world.

Because of its gamified credit system, this greatest free phone number app is still available for free. You can earn credits by participating in games and accepting offers, such as introducing friends. Make international phone calls and send text messages using these credits.

Unlike other apps that only provide you access to a single area code, this second phone number for business gives you access to a number of local area codes, allowing you to choose a local number for yourself or your company.

Without revealing your phone number, Dingtone is a great method to communicate with family and friends. By using your Dingtone number for all outbound calls and texts, you can reduce the cost of your phone bill as well.

4. TextNow

Let’s discuss the top free second phone number apps of 2023. One of the most popular apps for second phone numbers is TextNow. For voice calls and text messaging, it offers a free phone number. The app also lowers monthly costs by utilising your data connection rather than minutes. In addition, the app cuts monthly costs.

You won’t have to worry about service interruptions or paying roaming fees because the app uses other networks’ infrastructure to deliver coverage that is free.

If you want to port your number to TextNow, you can order a phone or SIM card to use with your current device.

Many features, like as voicemail, caller ID, and call forwarding, are offered via the app. There is also a fair selection of international numbers. Finally, they provide a wealth of technical support to help you with any problems.

At $9.99 per month, which is still less expensive than many other carriers, you can obtain a plan without add-ons.

5. Flyp

Flyp offers you a free number that you may use to make and receive limitless calls and texts if we’re talking about the highly-rated Second Phone Number Apps For Android In 2023. Voicemail transcription, group chat, and call forwarding are just a few of the helpful features it offers in addition.

The fact that the phone number is not connected to any device or account is one of my favourite app features. The number can even be transferred if you need to switch devices, and you can use it on any smartphone or tablet.

It would be beneficial if you didn’t worry about giving out your phone number to random people because you can block any number you choose.

With your regular phone number, the app lets you make calls and send text messages. Although texts are sent through Flyp’s servers, your privacy is protected.

Incoming calls are routed through your current phone service and number by the application, giving the impression that you are using your regular number.

The Flyp number will appear when someone calls you rather than your own. While calling from the app, the same applies. So, it is beneficial for both safety and privacy.

Also, it has the potential to respond quickly. You don’t need to open the app to quickly respond to a text message. While you are moving and can’t stop talking, it is helpful.

If you don’t want calls or texts, you can also select “Do not disturb.” If you need peace or are at a meeting, it is wonderful. This setting stops you from getting calls or texts unless you specifically ask to.

The software also includes a call recorder, which is ideal for recording important business calls or just keeping track of your conversations.

Also, you can add many numbers to Flyp; however, after the first free number, each additional number will be charged.

Android and iOS smartphones are both compatible with the app.

6. Talkatone

When a second phone number that serves as a burner phone is necessary, Talkatone is used. To protect your privacy or prevent spam, use a temporary, disposable phone number that enables you to receive SMS online without revealing your actual phone number.

Because it offers users a variety of features, Talkatone is one of the best second phone number apps. A local number and a toll-free number, for instance, are both ideal for calling abroad.

You may also choose how long your phone number will be active for and personalise your voicemail greeting. The app is also free from advertisements, allowing you to use it uninterrupted.

Also, the software enables incredibly cheap international phone calls. If you use the app frequently, the rates are affordable and you can reduce your calling plan costs.

The only downside is that during calls, advertisements show up on the screen. For those who need a second phone number, Talkalone is a fantastic piece of software.

You can purchase the premium edition for $9.99 per month if you don’t want the advertisements. Even the free version, though, is adequate for the vast majority of users.

7. TextMeUp

For work, dating, or other reasons, people may require a second phone number. TextMeUp can help. One of the best free apps for a second phone number is this one.

Because you may add as many phone numbers as you like and use them for different things, this application is wonderful. You may have a dating number and a work number, for instance. Also, TextMeUp has no advertisements and is completely free to use.

To use this one, you must first create an account. Your Google or Facebook account can be used to sign in. You can add international phone numbers after logging in.

You can call or text anyone in the world using the phone number that the app gives you from the country of your choice.

Make international phone calls and send text messages using the app as well. The fees are affordable if you want unlimited calling and texting. Also, both private and group chats allow you to share media files.

Both iOS and Android devices are compatible with TextMeUp.

8. TextFree

As the name suggests, TextFree is a free software that offers a free second phone number for calling and texting. The app, which is compatible with iPhone and Android, does not contain any advertisements or in-app purchases.

If you require a second phone number that is capable of more than just receiving calls and texts, TextFree is a fantastic option. This app also allows you to make calls to actual phone numbers if you have data.

If you want to try online dating, for example, it is a great software for preserving your privacy. You can text and call without revealing your phone number when you have a data connection.

You may choose your area code with this free second phone number iPhone app, which is a wonderful feature because you can do it from anywhere in the country. With the app, you may send and receive multimedia messages without difficulty. It also supports voicemail and MMS.

9. Telos

If you’re looking for a second phone number app, Telos is a good choice. It offers free phone lines in the US and Canada that may be used for both calling and texting. Telos allows you to send faxes and make VoIP calls.

Telos is a great app for a second phone number because it offers a lot of features. To obtain a free temporary phone number, for instance, utilise Telos. A temporary second phone number is useful if you require one. Telos can also be used to transfer your current phone number to a different service.

Telos also offers special features that other apps for second phone number addition do not.

There is a call recorder for this second phone number available that can record both incoming and outgoing calls. If you need to record calls for business or personal purposes, it can be helpful.

Another distinctive feature of Telos is its support for MMS, which enables the sending and receiving of picture messages. Moreover, it has a voice-to-text feature that can turn spoken communications into text.

You may make incredibly affordable international calls using Telos. Telos can also be utilised to send SMS messages in bulk. In addition,

10. TextPlus

A free texting and calling phone number is provided by TextPlus. You have the option of selecting your own phone number or having one chosen at random. The app does not require registration and is compatible with iOS and Android handsets.

Other special features offered by this free second phone number app include the ability to share GIFs and place group calls. Also, by completing specific offers or tasks, you can earn rewards like free minutes of calling time via the app.

I like how this software allows you to access your chat history from anywhere in the world over the internet. It is a fantastic choice for people who travel frequently and need to handle multiple phone lines. Furthermore highly user-friendly is the UI of the apps.

Second phone number apps: A Summary

These apps are the top choices for second phone numbers, whether you need one for temporary use, personal calls, or business calls.

As it is free, has the most features, and is the most trustworthy service, Google Voice will continue to be my top pick. It also has the added bonus of being able to link with other Google products.

Select the app that best satisfies your needs, and enjoy the convenience of having a second phone number.

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