Top 19 Best WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives for Cartoon Watching

We’ll go through various WatchCartoonOnline alternatives so you can watch cartoons and anime online. Every Cartoon Network show, such as Johnny Bravo, Swot Kats, and Codename Kids Next Door, was something I used to watch. The list is endless. But regrettably, modern cartoon networks are nothing more than a waste of time, offering viewers pointless programming.

Google deleted the well-known cartoon streaming site WatchCartoonOnline tv from its search results as a result of DMCA infringement. However, individuals who grew up in the 1990s can watch their favorite cartoons on

You need backup plans in case WatchCartoonsOnline becomes unavailable at any point, right? To ensure that your fun lasts even if it is temporarily unavailable, please visit these top twenty-two alternate websites for watching cartoons online.

Top 19 Best WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives for Cartoon Watching

Before you find out about that, I want to warn you that it may or may not be against the law to watchcartoononline for free. The websites on the list below are only there for educational purposes.

1. 9Anime

One of the best websites for watching anime online is 9Anime; this website has a huge selection of anime programs. If a particular anime title is not included in their list, you may also submit a request.

Although the user experience and site interface are lacking, they feature a huge list of anime. While streaming, you will encounter numerous pop-ups and display advertisements; pop-ups will open in a new tab on your browser. You can also check OtakuStream Alternatives

Now, let’s talk about its popularity. It has roughly 10 million monthly users, with the majority of them being Americans. US citizens adore anime. the greatest substitute for WatchCartoonOnline reddit.


It is also a good platform for watching anime and cartoons; it provides you with a part, or perhaps a category, Watch Cartoons Online where you can find the most recent, popular, and currently-watched anime.

The biggest feature of is the homepage without advertisements, which is the finest option for WatchCartoonOnline. Thanks to this site’s superb usability, users may navigate it with ease.

3. KissCartoon

It is a website that offers a large number of free cartoon and anime series; its cartoons are regularly updated and categorized for the viewers. Most people who enjoy cartoons may be aware of it. The WatchCartoonOnline alternatives are listed below.

You can sign up to become a member of KissCartoon, at which point you will receive notifications whenever a new cartoon or anime is released. advertising covers both sidebars and when clicking on the video, pop-up advertising appears as well. KissCartoon is way too well-liked; it receives about 15 million visitors each month, with the majority of them coming from the US and the UK. Check over other articles like AnimeBlix Alternatives

4. AnimePahe

Another top website for fans of anime; it provides a wide selection of dubbed and subtitled shows. AnimePahe’s homepage is free of advertisements and simple to navigate; it exclusively features newly released anime.

This site is reasonable in terms of layout and user experience when compared to other free anime streaming sites; you get the image and title of the anime, and when you click on it, your animation begins to play. The video player has a good UI and is also good.

Around 2.5 million people visit AnimePahe each month, mostly from the US, India, the Philippines, and Malaysia. Indian visitors are different in that it exclusively offers English anime. like

5. KissAnime

KissAnime is another free website where you can view cartoons and anime. It provides HD video-quality anime with both English subtitles and dubs. Because they may find practically any kind of anime here, it is mostly for anime fans.

Don’t be mistaken, this site is separate from Kiss Anime Club above, and it also has a movie area in the header. Despite being mobile-friendly, the site has a lot of advertising that you may find annoying. Here you can also check Animeindo Alternatives

An old anime streaming website called KissAnime has about 40 million visitors a month, about half of which originate in the US. Try this website; it can be the ideal WatchCartoonOnline substitute for you.

6. CartoonCrazy

You may watch a lot of cartoon and anime programs on CartoonCrazy without having to register, making it a viable substitute for WatchCartoonOnline. It is also a fantastic choice for anime with English subtitles.

Excellent user experience and interface, CartoonCrazy is simple to use and won’t leave you confused, Yes, a lot of pop-ups and display adverts will appear on your browser’s new tab. With 12 million visitors per month watchcartoononline free website anime, this website is rather well-liked; most of them are from the US, UK, and Canada.

7. Anime Nova

It is mostly for fans of anime and offers a wide selection of anime films. Anime Nova is a text-based website, and its homepage displays the anime’s title. Its homepage doesn’t have any pop-up advertisements, and you have a simple, delightful user experience. The website also has a search option so you can locate the anime you’re looking for. Around 3 million people use AnimeNova each month, however, the majority of them are from Japan and the US. You can also read over best article AnimeTake Alternatives

8. KissAnime Club

You can find several anime films and television shows on this brand-new website, which also features a user-friendly layout. Although it shares a name with the well-known anime website WatchCartoonOnline, the latter’s domain name (URL) is distinct.

The best thing about this website is that you won’t see intrusive adverts while viewing cartoons. It also has a tonne of dubbed and subbed movies and anime. Users receive a list specifically for each well-known anime series.

Kiss Anime Club is a new website, so it doesn’t get a lot of traffic. However, you’ll appreciate it because the video player is simple to use and has buttons for sharing and downloading anime videos.

9. OtakuStream

The greatest website to watch anime online is OtakuStream, which has all of the most recent episodes organized by segment. It contains a feature called Light/Dark that allows you to choose between day and night.

There are no adverts on OtakuStream’s home page, and users can sign up here using Facebook and Twitter in addition to having the finest user interface and experience. You can use the search box to look up your favorite anime.

It’s time to talk about how popular this site is; because of its amazing interface and user experience, it receives about 15 million visitors per month from the US, UK, Canada, and Germany. You can also review another article AnimePahe Alternatives

10. Chia Anime

You may get a large selection of anime on Chia-Anime in addition to WatchCartoonOnline io. Because the videos are streamed in high definition, you may enjoy watching your anime here. If you click, a new tab in your browser will open with the advertisement, and you will see numerous pop-ups and display adverts on its homepage. It receives about 7 million visitors per month, mostly from the Philippines and the United States.

11. CartoonsOn

CartoonsOn has a tiny collection of cartoons, but if your cartoon title is well-known, there is a good possibility that it will stream. It is a website that provides you with many well-known cartoons and anime series without charge. I dislike its user interface since it frequently displays intrusive adverts that lead to dangerous websites. Users could be perplexed about where to click to start a video. Around 5 million people visit CartoonsOn each month, and it is well-liked in the US, UK, Canada, and the Netherlands. You can also check 123Anime Alternatives

12. AnimeShow

Another website that streams a tonne of anime across the globe is AnimieShow; it has a huge anime library. In the search bar, you can look for your favorite anime. No matter where you click on this site, pop-up advertisements will appear. Because of this, despite the site’s extensive anime catalog, many users despise it. With 11 million visitors each month and high authority, this website is well-liked in the US and the UK.

13. AnimeUltima

On its homepage, AnimeUltima includes several sections where you can find a specialized category for the most recent episode, the most popular shows of all time, and the most recent anime additions. Numerous TV shows are also available. It might be a great substitute for WatchCartoonOnline.

This website has a great user design; the homepage is uncluttered and free of ads, and there is a big search bar where you can look for the anime you want to watch. Here, users can register. You can also check another article like 7anime Alternatives

Three million people visit AnimeUltima in a single month; given that the website is new, this level of popularity should last for some time. In the United States, Brazil, and the United Kingdom, it is well-liked.

14. AnimeFLV

The most notable thing about AnimeFLV is that it does not support the English language. If you speak Spanish, however, it can be your best bet for watching all kinds of anime online. The user interface and experience are excellent; you may search for your favorite anime here and find a list of anime on the left sidebar.

15. Anime Heros

It is a new player in the field of cartoon streaming; it gives you access to the majority of well-known and contemporary anime. It offers a part where you may find out which animes are popular and most watched on this website. While streaming anime, you get some pop-up advertising even if there are no display ads on the website’s home page. It offers a straightforward UI that is simple to use. Anime Heros has about 150K monthly subscribers despite being a relatively new website. Also check 4Anime Alternatives

16. FreeOnlineAnime

This platform is not for fans of cartoons, but it is one of the best for watching anime online. FreeOnlineAnime offers a wide variety of anime movies and series. This site’s user-friendly interface and YouTube-like video player set it apart from other streaming services. All videos can be streamed by users in HD. Free online anime is a new website with little traffic, but it offers an excellent user experience, so check it out right away and watch your favorite anime online.

17. Cartoon Network

Cartoons Network is another great alternative to view various cartoons, as most anime and cartoon enthusiasts are already aware of. It offers children several online games. Because everything is premium, it has a great user interface and allows users to play videos in the greatest quality with just two clicks. The drawback is that they only have a tiny library. The majority of the 1 million monthly visitors to Cartoon Network are from the US and the UK. Also review GoodAnime Alternatives

18. Anime Freak TV

One of the top substitutes is AnimeFreak TV, which provides a wide selection of anime titles and allows users to browse by genre, alphabetically, popularity, and most recent episodes released.

The user interface and overall experience are satisfactory; the home page features a large selection of anime, and display ads cover the sidebar. The streaming’s video quality is not poor. This website has about 12 million visitors per month, most of which are from the US, according to a similar web. You can also check 1Anime Alternatives

19. AnimeTV

The best website to view the most recent anime online is AnimeTV. It provides the most recent anime in English that has been dubbed and subtitled. The display adverts are spread over both sidebars, while the most recent anime thumbnails are located in the center. Users can register using Twitter and Facebook. With 7 million subscribers each month, Anime TV is a favorite in the US and the UK. To view additional features, visit this website. Here you can also check KimAnime Alternatives


We have now concluded our list of 19 WatchCartoonOnline substitutes. We have included a brief overview of some of the top cartoon streaming websites in this article. Additionally, while some websites may have pop-ups when streaming, you should still use them.

All of the websites on the following list are fantastic WatchCartoonOnline alternatives because of their distinctive features. You can now experiment with various websites since you are no longer restricted to only one. By introducing you to several new websites, will increase your access to anime content and improve your experience.

Last but not least, if you’re new to the world of anime, this list will be a great resource for connecting with a variety of anime episodes and series. Please let us know in the comments section if you know of a decent website where you can view cartoons.

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