How to Use the Same WhatsApp Account on Multiple Devices

The desktop version of WhatsApp now supports simultaneous use with the mobile app. To accomplish this, link your Same WhatsApp Account to either WhatsApp Web or the desktop apps. However, a single WhatsApp account cannot be shared between multiple mobile phones or between a mobile device and a tablet phone. Never again. WhatsApp can now be used on two different tablets or phones simultaneously, thanks to the latest tablet upgrade.

Use Two Different Phones With the Same WhatsApp Account

It’s possible to sync your WhatsApp account between your Phone and the tablet app, just like you can sync your budget between your Phone and all-in-one messaging desktop programs. The tablet user only needs to download WhatsApp and link it to their Phone’s account before getting to order.

However, there is a creative solution to make the same WhatsApp account be used on two different phones.

Tutorial: Linking Two Phones to One Account

Be aware that this is only possible if your backup phone is also an Android device. A WhatsApp account on either an Android or primary iOS Phone is a must-have these days.

  • First, get the other Android Phone you’ll use to log into WhatsApp with the same account.
  • To activate the developer features of your device, follow these steps: 2. Navigate to Settings > About Phone> Software information or Software info. 3. Tap the Build number option seven times.
  • You are turning on Android’s dev settings in option 3.0. Afterward, go back to the main Settings page and choose the Developer settings link. Depending on your Android device, you should go to the Settings menu, tap System, and then tap Developer options.
  • The Android 4 SDK has several new features for programmers. You can select the site’s minimum width in the Developer menu by scrolling down to the Minimum width option. The tiniest width option is sometimes called “Narrowest” on Android phones.
  • 5. Take note that 411 dp is the standard dp setting. Once you’ve made this observation, change the dp to 600 or greater, then tap OK.
  • On Android 6, changing the minimum option is now a selectable action. By changing the minimum width to 600, you will mimic your Phone’s user interface to look like a tablet, with the content being shrunk to fit the display. It won’t take long for everything to return back to normal.
  • Minimal width Android Phone less than 7 The tablet version of WhatsApp now automatically downloaded from the Play Store, allowing you to log in to the same account on two different devices. You can find the WhatsApp download. Make sure you have the most recent version of the app installed if you already have it installed.
  • WhatsApp for Android 8 installation. Now Launch WhatsApp on your mobile device, choose your language, and then tap the button labeled “Agree and Continue.” A QR Code for linking your WhatsApp account to this device should appear.
  • We are beginning an Account on WhatsApp 9. If the QR Code to Link isn’t displayed, select the kebab menu (three dots), and then tap the Link a device option. The QR Code to scan should load here.
  • You are adding a new phone on WhatsApp on a Windows 10 mobile device. It’s time to open up your primary Phone, be it an iPhone or an Android. To select your linked devices in WhatsApp for Android, open the app, click the kebab menu (three dots), then tap Linked devices.
  • WhatsApp for Android 11 now includes a “Linked Device” option. Click the “Link a device” link on the following page. This will open up the camera, at which device you can scan the QR code to make your WhatsApp account accessible from that phone.
  • Link your device with WhatsApp for Android 12. WhatsApp’s settings can accessed from the app’s main menu for iPhone users. Select the Linked Devices tab here.
  • WhatsApp’s iOS 13 update brings a new option called Linked Devices. Scan the QR code after selecting the Link a device option to access the same WhatsApp account on both devices.
  • 14 Use WhatsApp on your backup phone. As soon as you finished, change the dp to back-to-back to your previous perspective. To restore the default dp, go to Settings > Developer settings > Minimum width and make the necessary changes. Typically, dialing 411 will work on most phones. Finally, select OK to apply your modifications and restore the previous user interface.

Now you can access your WhatsApp account from two different phones. The primary Phone  no longer required to online for the secondary Phone to function.

Two Same WhatsApp Account phones

Whether your primary Phone is an Android or iOS phone, you can use another Android phone as a secondary device and continue using the same WhatsApp account. Both phones need to be near one another, and the primary phone needs to be online for this to work. However, you can’t use an iPhone as a backup phone because you can’t change its dp value to mimic a tablet’s user interface. If you don’t want another phone, you can use an iPad or another Android tablet instead.

Additionally, a new feature called WhatsApp Communities allows users to merge many WhatsApp groups into a single massive Community.

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