Top 10 Best Intermittent Fasting Apps for Weight Loss in 2023

Intermittent fasting is when you refrain from eating for the majority of the day but then allow yourself to eat after a certain period. During the fasting phase, you can still consume water and coffee intermittent fasting schedule, but no meals or calorie-heavy drinks are allowed.The goal is to help you regulate your hunger while also forcing your body to use its stored fat throughout the day. Both of these factors aid in weight loss. In general, there are five basic types of fasting strategies.

Top 10 Best Intermittent Fasting Apps for Weight Loss in 2023

 1. Sunrise Fasting

This fasting software uses your location to calculate an appropriate start and end time based on dawn and sunset in your region. You may also select from a number of alternative fasting choices, as well as a custom fast setting where you can enter your own routine. The programme also allows users to record notes and track their mood.

While there is a subscription edition that removes adverts and allows for fasting settings and advanced metrics, our experts discovered that the basic free version delivers the best selection of free features among the applications we examined (and does not aggressively promote the premium version, as many other IF apps do). “Being new to intermittent fasting, I love how this app tracks my daily fasts, gives me a visual on how far I am in my current fast, allows me to customise my fasts, and tracks my weights for me,” wrote one online reviewer. “When you see the percentage you have completed, it is very motivating to make it to the last hour.”

2. Window

Although this software is free to download, you won’t be able to accomplish anything unless you upgrade for $40 each year. However, it does include a wide range of fasts, including “Easy Start,” “Lean Gains,” “The Warrior,” and OMAD, as well as other useful resources, such as a blog with articles from prominent nutritionists. Its weight tracker is also a simple method to measure weight-loss progress over time, and we found the app to be well-designed and appealing.

It’s one of the few IF applications that lets you choose between fasting and eating window durations in the calendar overview and when seeing user metrics. “The fact that it is also a weight tracker… is an added benefit,” one online reviewer commented. “This app has been instrumental in my success with what is intermittent fasting.”

3. Simple

This basic intermittent fasting software, as the name indicates, gives simple fasting time reminders and recommendations throughout the day, making it an excellent alternative for beginners. You may also keep detailed records of your meals, as well as your hydration and exercise levels.

You may pick from a range of goal programmes, including weight loss, mindful eating, and stress reduction, and intermittent fasting for weight loss it is compatible with both Apple’s Health app and Fitbit’s operating system. A premium plan is also available, which includes motivating material, personalised insights, and other benefits.

4. FastHabit

This IF software is known for its easy-to-read visuals and includes full metrics, calendars, and reminders at a reasonable fee – plus it can sync with your Apple Watch. “I used to mentally count the hours of fasting,” commented one online reviewer. “Now that I have this app, it’s not just about tracking fasting hours; it also helps me stay motivated and think about how well I’ve done.” It motivates me a little on days when I want to give up.”

The app’s pros enjoy that it includes a 10-day snapshot that emphasises streaks (i.e., how many days in a row you fasted and accomplished your goals). Also, while this app is free, upgrading to the pro level costs only $3 — and that’s a one-time purchase rather than a subscription-based fee like intermittent fasting for women other premium plans. The pro version adds features such as alerts, personalised reminders, better stats, and weight monitoring, as well as the ability to integrate it with Apple’s Health app. You will also receive extended fast hours, data export, and other benefits.

5. Zero

Zero is a popular IF programme since it includes all of the timers, notebooks, and tools you’ll need to get started. The app also includes information on topics such as the healthiest drinks to drink during fasting times and how to sleep better. Our experts found it simple to use, making it ideal for both IF newcomers and seasoned racers. Sassos likes that the app allows you to score your mood each day, which builds a fasting “mood graph” that you can analyse and search for trends depending on what and when you eat.

While the basic app is free benefits of intermittent fasting, you will be gently encouraged to upgrade to the premium Zero Plus edition, which includes guided fasting with a coach. “[This app] game-ifies intermittent fasting,” one online reviewer commented. “It informs you what your body should be doing throughout that fasting period… I have the free version, which is still quite helpful. They do not entice you to acquire their merchandise. Sincerity is a significant advantage for me.”

You’ll also get access to a diary tool that allows you to reflect on your mood and other aspects of your fast, as well as possibilities to track other health indicators like as heart rate and sleep.

6. BodyFast

Body Fast’s IF app, which has over 30 million downloads, allows you to often vary the sort of fast you’re on, based on your objectives and demands that day or week. It also provides weekly tasks and “trophies” to stimulate you.

The app’s fasting possibilities are extensive (think Stone Age and Aurora fasts), but you’ll need to pay to the premium subscription to access the most of them (you’ll also receive access to a personalised coach). “I like that this has a few options for your eating schedule, so I’ve been able to adjust when things are hectic rather than sticking to a specific window, and it gives me alerts about where I’m at in my day,” one online reviewer stated, adding that they use the free plan.

7. Fastient

If you want a simple fasting app with no frills, this is a good alternative that offers area to put down your thoughts and any worries about your progress. “It’s a simple and clean fasting app that has all the features I wanted without a bunch of added fluff loaded in to make it appear more useful,” one online reviewer said. I really like the opportunity to take notes since it helps me focus on what motivates me individually.” The premium edition has a few more features, such as the ability to post progress images.

8. Vora

Vora is a simple fasting tracker that will display a graphic representation of all your recent fasts. It also motivates you to share your fasting experiences on social media. Our experts appreciate that you may also make remarks on your fasting experience for further assessment.

“I love being able to see the graph of my past fasts, which is motivating — I love being able to set my target for each fast I start, and I also like being able to make notes that I can look back on later,” one online reviewer noted. “I’ve lost more than 45 pounds in less than four months… and this app has been a great tool in that journey!” Upgrading to Vora Pro for a $5 one-time cost gives you a few more tools to track your progress and assess your numbers.

9. LIFE Fasting Tracker

This IF software emphasises teamwork by allowing you to build social circles to discuss your fasting experience with friends and family, which Sassos claims helps hold you more accountable. This app also employs visual visuals to indicate when you are entering the fat-burning portion of your fast, which may be a powerful motivation for some users.

You may sign up for free and then upgrade to Life+ for more benefits such as habit trackers, better analytics, and Les Mills exercise videos. “It’s really nice to have a visual aid to a fasting regimen,” one online reviewer commented. “Every week, I appreciate knowing my total fasting time and how long I’ve been in ketosis. I can also notice when my spouse is fasting and prepare our family meals appropriately, or simply provide spiritual support to him.

10. Fastic

Fastic is the app for you if you want a huge community of intermittent fasters (20 million to be exact!) to help you on your path. The free app has basic features like a fasting timer, water tracker, and step metre, but to get the most out of this app, you’ll need to pay to the premium version, which starts at $12 per month.

Upgrading grants you access to additional features such as recipes, challenges, and more, which can help you stay motivated on your IF journey. “I love the fasting graphics on here, so that if I feel like I’m struggling to reach my goal of a 12-, 16-, or 20-hour fast, I can just go into the app and it’ll tell me what phase of the fasting period I’m on and what’s happening to my body,” one online reviewer commented.


Each of these diets is difficult to follow, which is why utilizing an app or joining a community of like-minded people is essential. Lean on one another for support, especially at the start of your diet adjustment.

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