On iOS 16, Snapchat Gets New Widgets For its Lock Screen

With iOS 16, Snapchat gets new Lock Screen Widgets and Chat Shortcuts with more features.

With this option, you can add your chat to the lock screen. On the lock screen, there will be two Snapchat apps. The talk icon is one, and the Snapchat camera is the other. So you can easily use Snapchat and save time. And it saves you from having to scroll to find your friends.

On iOS 16, Snapchat Gets New Widgets For its Lock Screen

At the top of the talks tab, you can find new Chat Shortcuts. It will be helpful to see which chats and snaps you haven’t seen yet. By hitting the Chat Shortcuts option, users can tell their friends what they want to say. It will also let your Snapchat friends know about upcoming parties, answers to stories, and missed calls. You can save time by using Chat Shortcuts instead of chat flow.

Last month, Snapchat added a new tool called “Dual Camera.” With this tool, users can record more than one viewpoint or theme. The dual camera can be set up in four ways: with a clip, horizontally, vertically and with a “picture-in-picture” setup. People who use Snapchat can also talk to their friends visually by tapping the Snapchat Camera button on the lock screen.

Question Stickers, which are new tools, were also added. In an AMA-style guidebook, this means that users can ask anything during that time. Instagram stories already have this feature. You can also add this question sticker to your Snapchat story. Snapchat Plus users can also use the web version to view their account.

With all of these new features, iPhone users can quickly snap, chat, and scroll with their best friends and family.

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